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K.T. McFarland
K.T. McFarland

Partners of 
K.T. McFarland

Alan Roberts McFarland


3 children together

12 Jan 1985

K.T. McFarland
Bio Details

Full name

Kathleen Troia McFarland

Maiden name

Kathleen Troia





Date of birth

Sunday 22 Jul 1951

Birth place

Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Fox News National Security Analyst


News Commentator

Political Aide (1970)

Speech Writer (1981)


George Washington University, Washington, D.C., United States

Oxford University, Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, United States

Held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan Administrations before securing a role in the Trump Administration.
Received a Distinguished Service Award in 1985 for her work in the Reagan Administration.
Lost in the running for Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat in a 2006 Republican primary.
Was an aide to Henry A. Kissinger during the Nixon Administration.

K.T. McFarland Siblings

Michael Troia


Nancy Troia


Tom Troia


Deputy National Security Adviser to President Trump
K.T. McFarland

Kathleen Troia McFarland




Sunday 22 Jul 1951

K.T. McFarland Partner(s) Other Children

K.T. McFarland Children

Fiona McFarland

with Alan Roberts McFarland

Camilla McFarland

born 1990, age 28 (approx.)
with Alan Roberts McFarland

Luke Sawyer McFarland

born 1986, age 32 (approx.)
adopted with Alan Roberts McFarland

Andrew McFarland

born 1968, age 50 (approx.)
step-child with Alan Roberts McFarland

Gavin McFarland

born 1972, age 46 (approx.)
step-child with Alan Roberts McFarland


K.T. McFarland Family

K.T. McFarland's parents:

K.T. McFarland's father was Augie Troia K.T. McFarland's mother was Edith Troia

K.T. McFarland's children:

K.T. McFarland's daughter is Fiona McFarland K.T. McFarland's daughter is Camilla McFarland K.T. McFarland's step-son is Andrew McFarland K.T. McFarland's step-son is Gavin McFarland K.T. McFarland's adopted son is Luke Sawyer McFarland

K.T. McFarland's current partners:

K.T. McFarland's husband is Alan Roberts McFarland

K.T. McFarland's siblings:

K.T. McFarland's brother was Michael Troia K.T. McFarland's sister is Nancy Troia K.T. McFarland's brother is Tom Troia

K.T. McFarland's grandparents:

K.T. McFarland's grandfather is H Frederick Fuller K.T. McFarland's grandmother is Edith Fuller

K.T. McFarland's in laws:

K.T. McFarland's father in law was Alan Roberts McFarland K.T. McFarland's mother in law is Elizabeth Mathieu McFarland K.T. McFarland's step-father in law is Horace G Powell K.T. McFarland's grandfather in law was James B McFarland jr K.T. McFarland's grandmother in law was Mary Powell K.T. McFarland's grandfather in law is Alfred E Mathieu K.T. McFarland's son in law is Matthew Melton

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