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Roger Stone
Partners of 
Roger Stone

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Adviser
Roger Stone

Roger Jason Stone




Wednesday 27 Aug 1952

Roger Stone
Bio Details

Full name

Roger Jason Stone





Date of birth

Wednesday 27 Aug 1952

Birth place

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA



Political Adviser


George Washington University, Washington, D.C., United States

Former Adviser to President Richard Nixon and President Ronald Reagan.
Left the Trump Presidential campaign in August 2015.  He claimed he resigned, Trump claimed he fired him.

Roger Stone Siblings

Lisa Nicholson


Wendy Cox


Partners of 
Roger Stone

Nydia Stone


7 Dec 1991

Ann Stone


married 1974
divorce 1990

Roger Stone Children

Scott Stone

step-child with Nydia Stone

Roger Stone Partner(s) Other Children


Roger Stone Family

Roger Stone's parents:

Roger Stone's father is Roger Stone Roger Stone's mother was Gloria Stone

Roger Stone's children:

Roger Stone's step-son is Scott Stone

Roger Stone's current partners:

Roger Stone's wife is Nydia Stone

Roger Stone's former partners:

Roger Stone's former wife is Ann Stone

Roger Stone's siblings:

Roger Stone's sister is Lisa Nicholson Roger Stone's sister is Wendy Cox

Roger Stone's nieces and nephews:

Roger Stone's nephew is Thomas Nicholson

Roger Stone's grandparents:

Roger Stone's grandfather is Arvid Anderson Roger Stone's grandmother is Grace Anderson Roger Stone's grandfather was Noris Stone Roger Stone's grandmother was Edwina Stone

Roger Stone's in laws:

Roger Stone's father in law was Joaquin Bertran Roger Stone's mother in law is Olga Bertran

Roger Stone's former in laws:

Roger Stone's former father in law was Jack Wesche Roger Stone's former mother in law was Edith Wakeley Roger Stone's former step-father in law was Marvin Wakeley Roger Stone's former grandfather in law is Christian F Christensen Roger Stone's former grandmother in law is Annie Christensen

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