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Gary Cohn
Partner of 
Gary Cohn

Director of the National Economic Council  - Trump Administration.
Former COO of Goldman Sachs
Gary Cohn

Gary D Cohn




Saturday 27 Aug 1960

Gary Cohn
Bio Details

Full name

Gary D Cohn





Date of birth

Saturday 27 Aug 1960

Birth place

Cleveland, Ohio, USA



Wall Street Runner

Wall Street Trader

Investment Banker (1990)

Chief Operating Officer Of Goldman Sachs (2006 - 2016)

Director Of The National Economic Council (USA) (2017)


American University, Washington, DC, United States (Finished 1982)

His Grandfather emigrated from Poland to the USA alone when he was just 13 years old.
He is a registered democrat who has reportedly donated to various democrats' campaigns.
The third former Goldman Sachs employee recruited into President Trump's administration.
6 March 2018: Resigned from the Trump Administration.

Partners of 
Gary Cohn

Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn


3 children together

Gary Cohn Children

Chloe Cohn

with Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn

Chelsea Cohn

with Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn

Melanie Cohn

with Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn

Gary Cohn Partner(s) Other Children



$22,000,000.00 (US Dollar, 2014)

As COO of Goldman Sachs

$21,000,000.00 (US Dollar, 2015)

As COO of Goldman Sachs

$285,000,000.00 (US Dollar, 2016)

Severance package following his resignation as COO of Goldman Sachs

Mostly paid in stocks

Gary Cohn Family

Gary Cohn's parents:

Gary Cohn's father is Victor Cohn Gary Cohn's mother is Ellen Cohn

Gary Cohn's children:

Gary Cohn's daughter is Chloe Cohn Gary Cohn's daughter is Chelsea Cohn Gary Cohn's daughter is Melanie Cohn

Gary Cohn's current partners:

Gary Cohn's wife is Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn

Gary Cohn's in laws:

Gary Cohn's father in law was Sanford M Cohn Gary Cohn's mother in law is Shirleen Pevaroff