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Partners of 
Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks

Partners of 
Hope Hicks

Rob Porter


relationship began about Nov 2017
until circa 14 Feb 2018

Corey Lewandowski

Alleged Affair

Hope Hicks
Bio Details

Full name

Hope Charlotte Hicks





Date of birth

Friday 21 Oct 1988



Communications Director


PR Executive


Greenwich High School, Connecticut, United States

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, United States

One to watch...

In 2017 Forbes magazine named Hicks as one of their '30 under 30'.
1st October 2020: Tested positive for Covid-19.

Hope Hicks Siblings

Mary Grace Hicks


White House Director of Strategic Communications for Donald Trump
Hope Hicks

Hope Charlotte Hicks




Friday 21 Oct 1988


Hope Hicks Family

Hope Hicks's parents:

Hope Hicks's father is Paul Hicks III Hope Hicks's mother is Caye Hicks

Hope Hicks's current partners:

Hope Hicks allegedly has an affair with Corey Lewandowski

Hope Hicks's former partners:

Hope Hicks had a relationship with Rob Porter

Hope Hicks's siblings:

Hope Hicks's sister is Mary Grace Hicks

Hope Hicks's grandparents:

Hope Hicks's grandfather is George W Cavender Hope Hicks's grandmother was Marilee B. Cavender Hope Hicks's grandfather is Paul Hicks Jr. Hope Hicks's grandmother is Lucile Hicks

Hope Hicks's great grandparents:

Hope Hicks's great grandfather is Bloomfield Boden Hope Hicks's great grandfather is G W Cavender Hope Hicks's great grandmother is Nettie Cavender Hope Hicks's great grandfather is Charles Green Hope Hicks's great grandfather was Paul B Hicks Hope Hicks's great grandmother is Mae Rose Hicks   Hope Hicks's great great grandfather is Charles E Rausch

Hope Hicks's uncles and aunts:

Hope Hicks's aunt is Carole Witt Hope Hicks's aunt was Marian Fox

Hope Hicks's cousins:

Hope Hicks's cousin is Dutch Fox Hope Hicks's cousin is Michael Fox

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