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Sean Spicer
Partner of 
Sean Spicer

Trump Administration Press Secretary & Communications Director
Sean Spicer

Sean Michael Spicer




Thursday 23 Sep 1971

Sean Spicer
Bio Details

Full name

Sean Michael Spicer





Date of birth

Thursday 23 Sep 1971

Birth place

Manhasset, New York, USA


Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States

Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, United States

Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, United States

What's in a name?

In 1993 Spicer wrote a letter to his college paper which was mistakenly published under the name 'Sean Sphincter'.  His subsequent complaint led to his being lampooned in another college publication, 'Blats', and this is widely believed to have been the start of his long running feud with the media.

...and everything but the truth?

During his tenure with the Trump administration, Spicer has placed himself in the firing line with the press on many occasions.  During the campaign he explained away claims of plagiarism as something that could be found in episodes of 'My Little Pony'.  On more recent occasions he has falsely suggested GCHQ was spying on Trump, incorrectly stated that Trump's inauguration had 'the largest audience ever', and claimed that Hitler never used chemical weapons during the second world war.

Sean Spicer Siblings

Shannon Spicer


Ryan Spicer


Partners of 
Sean Spicer

Rebecca Spicer


2 children together

13 Nov 2004

Sean Spicer Children


with Rebecca Spicer


with Rebecca Spicer

Sean Spicer Partner(s) Other Children


Sean Spicer Family

Sean Spicer's parents:

Sean Spicer's father was Michael Spicer Sean Spicer's mother is Kathryn Spicer

Sean Spicer's current partners:

Sean Spicer's wife is Rebecca Spicer

Sean Spicer's siblings:

Sean Spicer's sister is Shannon Spicer Sean Spicer's brother is Ryan Spicer

Sean Spicer's grandparents:

Sean Spicer's grandfather is William Grossman Sean Spicer's grandmother was Jane Grossman Sean Spicer's grandfather was Harry Spicer Sean Spicer's grandmother was Joanna Spicer

Sean Spicer's uncles and aunts:

Sean Spicer's aunt is Patsy Martel Sean Spicer's uncle is Paul Grossman Sean Spicer's aunt is Joanne Connolly Sean Spicer's uncle is William F. Grossman Sean Spicer's uncle was Charles Grossman Sean Spicer's aunt-by-marriage is Debbra Grossman

Sean Spicer's cousins:

Sean Spicer's cousin is Charles H. Grossman Sean Spicer's cousin is Cara L. Groomes

Sean Spicer's first cousins once removed:

Sean Spicer's first cousin once removed is Charles H. Grossman Sean Spicer's first cousin once removed is Brendan Grossman

Sean Spicer's in laws:

Sean Spicer's father in law is Harry Miller Sean Spicer's mother in law is Sally Miller