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Edward Snowden
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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden




Tuesday 21 Jun 1983

Edward Snowden
Bio Details

Full name

Edward Joseph Snowden





Date of birth

Tuesday 21 Jun 1983

Birth place

Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA


IT Consultant

Telecommunications Info Systems Officer for CIA

Security Guard (2005)

IT Consultant for the CIA (2006)

Contractor at NSA (2009 - 2013)


Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, Maryland, United States

In 2001 TheTrueHOOHA started posting on a technology website called Ars Technica, originally asking for hosting information, he went on to be a big contributor to the site with amazing knowledge of computers.
Described as a Ghost User by the NSA he was able to access files leaving no trace and gained other users login details. He was able to download top secret documents onto a thumb drive and pass them onto a columnist for the Guardian, Glenn Greenwald and film-maker Laura Poitras. In June 2013 he met with Glenn and Laura in Hong Kong and they made a video of Edward which went public, making him the most hunted man. 
The recordings Laura made of Edward and Glenn were made into a documentary film called Citizenfour and won an Oscar in 2015
Having sought asylum in Russia he continues to speak out about his work.

Edward Snowden Siblings

Jessica Snowden


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Edward Snowden

Lindsay MIlls


relationship began 2009


Edward Snowden Family

Edward Snowden's parents:

Edward Snowden's father is Lonnie Snowden Edward Snowden's mother is Wendy Snowden

Edward Snowden's current partners:

Edward Snowden has a relationship with Lindsay MIlls

Edward Snowden's siblings:

Edward Snowden's sister is Jessica Snowden

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