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Xi Jinping
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Xi Jinping

7th President of the People's Republic of China
Leader of the Chinese Communist Party
Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping




Monday 15 Jun 1953

Xi Jinping
Bio Details

Full name

Xi Jinping





Date of birth

Monday 15 Jun 1953

Birth place

Beijing, China


Farm Labourer

Member of the Chinese Communist Party (1974)

Vice President of the People's Republic of China (2008)

Leader Of The Chinese Communist Party (2012)

President of the People's Republic of China (2013)


Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (1975)

As Vice President of the People's Republic of China, he was in charge of 2008 Beijing Olympic preparations.
Ended the one child policy in 2015
Spent his formative years in Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

Xi Jinping Siblings

Xi Fuping
Xi Zhengning


other parent: Hao Mingxhu

Xi Heping


other parent: Hao Mingxhu

Xi Ganping


other parent: Hao Mingxhu

Ji Qiaoqiao


Xi An'an


Xi Yuanping


Partners of 
Xi Jinping

Peng Liyuan


1 child together

1 Sep 1987

Ke Lingling


married about 1979
divorce about 1982

Xi Jinping Children

Xi Mingze

born 1992, age 25
with Peng Liyuan

Xi Jinping Partner(s) Other Children



5 ft 11 ins

Xi Jinping Family

Xi Jinping's parents:

Xi Jinping's father was Xi Zhongxun Xi Jinping's mother is Qi Xin

Xi Jinping's former step-parents:

Xi Jinping's former step-father is Hao Mingxhu

Xi Jinping's children:

Xi Jinping's daughter is Xi Mingze

Xi Jinping's current partners:

Xi Jinping's wife is Peng Liyuan

Xi Jinping's former partners:

Xi Jinping's former wife is Ke Lingling

Xi Jinping's siblings:

Xi Jinping's half-brother was Xi Fuping Xi Zhengning Xi Jinping's half-sister was Xi Heping Xi Jinping's half-sister is Xi Ganping Xi Jinping's sister is Ji Qiaoqiao Xi Jinping's sister is Xi An'an Xi Jinping's brother is Xi Yuanping

Xi Jinping's nieces and nephews:

Xi Jinping's niece is Zhang Yannan Xi Jinping's niece is Hiu Ng

Xi Jinping's grandparents:

Xi Jinping's grandfather is Xi Zongde Xi Jinping's grandmother is Chai Caihua

Xi Jinping's great grandparents:

Xi Jinping's great grandfather is Xi Yongsheng

Xi Jinping's uncles and aunts:

Xi Jinping's uncle is Xi Zhongkai

Xi Jinping's in laws:

Xi Jinping's father in law is Peng Longkun Xi Jinping's sister in law is Peng Lijuan Xi Jinping's brother in law is Peng Lei

Xi Jinping's former in laws:

Xi Jinping's former father in law is Ke Hua Xi Jinping's former mother in law is Zhang Ming

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