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Chairman Mao
Partners of 
Chairman Mao

1st Chairman of the People's Republic of China
Founder and Leader of the Chinese Communist Party
Chairman Mao

Mao Zedong




Tuesday 26 Dec 1893


9 Sep 1976

Chairman Mao
Bio Details

Full name

Mao Zedong

Also known as

Mao Tse Tung





Date of birth

Tuesday 26 Dec 1893

Birth place

Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China

Date of death:

9 Sep 1976

Place of death

Beijing, China

Cause of death

Complications with Parkison's disease


Library Assistant (1919)

School Principal (1920)

Member of the Chinese Nationalist Party (1923)

Leader Of The Chinese Communist Party (1935)

President of the People's Republic of China (1954)


Peking University, Beijing, China

Aged 13 he started work on the family farm and was forced into an arranged marriage. He left home and went into education eventually enlisting into the army after which he went back into education and founded a student organisation called the New People's Study Society. Some of these members were later recruited by Mao into the Communist Party.
In 1934 Mao organised The Long March. Over 100,000 communists trekked across the Chinese mountains and swampland retreating from the President's organised sweep to eliminate communist power. Its thought that only 30,000 people survived the 8,000 mile journey. Although Mao was able to recruit along the way and became the communist leader.
In 1937 Japan invaded China, leaving the President no choice but to join alliances with the communist party to fight the war. Japan were defeated in 1945. In 1949 The People's Republic of China was established and Mao stated that 'The Chinese people have stood up'
In 1958 Mao organised 'The Great Leap Forward' an initiative to increase agricultural and industrial production. Instead of growth, famine set in and approximately 40 million people died. Mao was pushed out of leadership and didn't return until 1966 launching the Cultural Revolution, formed the Red Guards and took control of the country and started closing schools and banishing intellectuals. The revolution destroyed the country's cultural heritage and caused chaos.
Mao's physician reports he died from a motor neurone disease called Lou Gehrig and not Parkinison's

Chairman Mao Siblings

Brother Of Chairman Mao


Sister Of Chairman Mao


Partners of 
Chairman Mao

Jiang Qing


1 child together

Nov 1938

He Zizhen


4 children together

married 1930
divorce 1939

Si Yung


relationship began about 1921

Yang Kaihui


1 child together


Luo Yixiu



Chairman Mao Children


with Yang Kaihui


with Yang Kaihui

Daughter Of Chairman Mao

with He Zizhen

Daughter To Chairman Mao

with He Zizhen


with He Zizhen


with He Zizhen

Mao Anqing

with He Zizhen

Li Na

with Jiang Qing

Mao Anying

born 1922, age 96 (approx.)
with Yang Kaihui

Son of Chairman Mao

Li Min

born 1937, age 81 (approx.)
with He Zizhen

Chairman Mao Partner(s) Other Children


Chairman Mao Family

Chairman Mao's parents:

Chairman Mao's father is Mao Zedong Chairman Mao's mother was Wen Qimei

Chairman Mao's children:

Chairman Mao's daughter is Daughter Of Chairman Mao Chairman Mao's daughter is Daughter To Chairman Mao Chairman Mao's son was Mao Anqing Chairman Mao's daughter is Li Na Chairman Mao's son is Mao Anying Chairman Mao's daughter is Li Min

Chairman Mao's current partners:

Chairman Mao's wife was Jiang Qing Chairman Mao had a relationship with Si Yung Chairman Mao's wife was Yang Kaihui

Chairman Mao's former partners:

Chairman Mao's former wife is He Zizhen Chairman Mao's former wife was Luo Yixiu

Chairman Mao's siblings:

Chairman Mao's brother was Brother Of Chairman Mao Chairman Mao's sister was Sister Of Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao's nieces and nephews:

Chairman Mao's nephew is Mao Yuan-hsin

Chairman Mao's in laws:

Chairman Mao's father in law is Yang Chang-chi

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