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Partners of 
Mae Murray
Mae Murray

Partners of 
Mae Murray

David Mdivani


1 child together

married Jun 1926
divorce 1933

Robert Z. Leonard


married 18 Aug 1918
divorce 26 May 1925

Jay O'Brien


married 18 Dec 1916
divorce 1918

William M. Schwenker


married Sep 1908
divorce 1910

Mae Murray
Bio Details

Full name

Marie Adrienne Koenig

Also known as

The Girl With the Bee-Stung Lips

Ann Mary Koenig





Date of birth

Sunday 10 May 1885

Birth place

Manhattan, New York, USA

Date of death:

23 Mar 1965

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA



Actress (1908)

Silent Movie Actress (1916 - 1931)

Her stage name came from the month of her birth combined with the name of her favourite restaurant.
By 1917 she was one of Hollywood's highest paid stars of the silent movie era.

Mae Murray Siblings

William Koenig


Howard Koenig


Silent Movie Star
Mae Murray

Marie Adrienne Koenig




Sunday 10 May 1885


23 Mar 1965

Mae Murray Partner(s) Other Children

Mae Murray Children

Daniel Michael Cunning

born 1925, age 92 (approx.)
with David Mdivani

Son of Silent movie Star Mae Murray


Mae Murray Family

Mae Murray's parents:

Mae Murray's father was Joseph Koenig Mae Murray's mother was Mary Koenig

Mae Murray's children:

Mae Murray's son is Daniel Michael Cunning

Mae Murray's former partners:

Mae Murray's former husband was Robert Z. Leonard Mae Murray's former husband was Jay O'Brien Mae Murray's former husband is David Mdivani Mae Murray's former husband is William M. Schwenker

Mae Murray's siblings:

Mae Murray's brother was William Koenig Mae Murray's brother was Howard Koenig

Mae Murray's grandparents:

Mae Murray's grandfather was Louis Miller Mae Murray's grandmother was Gertrude Miller Mae Murray's grandfather was George Koenig Mae Murray's grandmother was Anna Maria Koenig

Mae Murray's uncles and aunts:

Mae Murray's uncle was William Koenig

Mae Murray's former in laws:

Mae Murray's former father in law was Miles O'Brien Mae Murray's former mother in law was Thomasine O'Brien Mae Murray's former brother in law was Alvar De Comlan O'Brien

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