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Partners of 
Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes

Partners of 
Helen Hayes

Charles MacArthur


2 children together


Helen Hayes
Bio Details

Full name

Helen Hayes Brown

Also known as

Helen Hayes MacArthur





Date of birth

Wednesday 10 Oct 1900

Birth place

Washington D.C., USA

Date of death:

17 Mar 1993

Place of death

Nyack, New York, USA

Cause of death

Congestive Heart Failure



Child Actress (1906)

Known as the "First lady of the American Theater"
One of two actresses to have received all four entertainment awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony
First appeared on broadway when she was only 8 years old.  She continued acting until she was 85.

Academy Awards

1931: Best Actress for 'The Sin of Madelon Claudet'
1970: Best Actress for "Airport"

Grammy Awards:

1976: for her work on the best spoken word album Great American Documents
Was forced to retire from theater acting in 1971 when she discovered she was allergic to backstage dust.
Highly Acclaimed Early Hollywood Actress
Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes Brown




Wednesday 10 Oct 1900


17 Mar 1993

Helen Hayes Partner(s) Other Children

Helen Hayes Children

Mary MacArthur

born 1930, died 1949, age 18 (approx.)
with Charles MacArthur

Late Daughter of Acclaimed Actress helen Hayes

James MacArthur

born 1937, died 2010, age 72 (approx.)
adopted with Charles MacArthur

Hawaii Five-O's Danny 'Danno'' Williams


Helen Hayes Family

Helen Hayes's parents:

Helen Hayes's father was Frank Van Arnum Brown Helen Hayes's mother was Essie Brown

Helen Hayes's children:

Helen Hayes's adopted son was James MacArthur Helen Hayes's daughter was Mary MacArthur

Helen Hayes's current partners:

Helen Hayes's husband was Charles MacArthur

Helen Hayes's grandchildren:

Helen Hayes's adopted grandson is Charles MacArthur Helen Hayes's adopted granddaughter is Mary McClure Helen Hayes's adopted grandson is James MacArthur Helen Hayes's adopted granddaughter is Juliette Rappaport

Helen Hayes's in laws:

Helen Hayes's brother in law was John MacArthur Helen Hayes's father in law was William MacArthur Helen Hayes's mother in law was Georgiana MacArthur Helen Hayes's brother in law was Alfred MacArthur Helen Hayes's brother in law is Telfer MacArthur Helen Hayes's sister in law-by-marriage was Catherine MacArthur