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Partners of 
Sonja Henie
Sonja Henie

Partners of 
Sonja Henie

Niels Onstad


Jun 1956

Winthrop Gardiner Jr.


married 1949
divorce before Jun 1956

Dan Topping


married 1940
divorce before 1949



Tyrone Power


Sonja Henie
Bio Details

Full name

Sonja Henie





Date of birth

Monday 08 Apr 1912

Birth place

Oslo, Oslo fylke, Norway

Date of death:

12 Oct 1969

Place of death

Oslo, Oslo fylke, Norway

Cause of death



Ice Skater


The original skating superstar

Starting in 1947, at the age of 14, Sonja won 10 consecutive figure skating world championships.  Not only that, but also during this time also won 3 successive Winter Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936.

Courting Controversy

While performing on the ice in Berlin prior to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Sonja heard that Hitler had been seated in the arena.  As she went onto the ice, she skated swiftly up to him and threw a Nazi salute, declaring 'Heil Hitler!'. The young skater's response to the subsequent uproar was “I don’t even know what a Nazi is.”  However,  she and her family joined the Furher for lunch at his private retreat at Berchtesgaden during the '36 Olympics.

A life of success

After building an unsurpassable reputation in the world of figure skating, Henie went on to become a major player in Hollywood.  In 1936 she retired from competition and signed a 5 year, $125,000 dollar-a-picture contract with Twentieth Century Fox.  Her movies went on to inspire a whole new generation of skaters.

Trend setting

At the age of 14 Henie was too small to wear the standard black boots & long black skirts that were considered both warm and modest for female skaters.  Her mother made an above-the-knee costume which gave her the freedom to perform jumps and moves that until then had only been performed by men.  These shorter garments became the norm, along with the snow-white boots she wore which she said reminded her of the beautiful snow in Norway.

Sonja Henie Siblings

Leif Henie


Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist & Hollywood Actress
Sonja Henie

Sonja Henie




Monday 08 Apr 1912


12 Oct 1969


Sonja Henie Family

Sonja Henie's parents:

Sonja Henie's father was Wilhelm Henie Sonja Henie's mother was Selma Henie

Sonja Henie's current partners:

Sonja Henie's husband was Niels Onstad

Sonja Henie's former partners:

Sonja Henie dated Tyrone Power Sonja Henie's former husband was Winthrop Gardiner Jr. Sonja Henie's former husband was Dan Topping

Sonja Henie's siblings:

Sonja Henie's brother was Leif Henie