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Partners of 
Petula Clark
Petula Clark

Partners of 
Petula Clark

Claude Wolff


3 children together

Jun 1961

Sir Sean Connery


flirting circa 1955

Dean Martin


Petula Clark
Bio Details

Full name

CBE Petula Clark

Also known as

Sally Olwen Clark

Our Pet





Date of birth

Friday 15 Nov 1935

Birth place

Epsom, Surrey, England



The British Shirley Temple

As a child during World War II Petula performed over 200 shows to entertain the troops on both radio and in concert.  By the age of twelve she appeared in her first film and went on to make over 30 movies in both Britain and the USA, as well as recording over 1,000 songs during her career.

Many Voices

Throughout a long and illustrious career, Clark has released songs in French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as English.

Grammy Awards

1964 - Best Rock-&-Roll record of the year - Downtown
1965 - Best female vocal performance of the year- I Know A Place
2003 - Recording inducted into GRAMMY Hall of Fame - Downtown
Bilingual British singer of 'Downtown'
Petula Clark

CBE Petula Clark




Friday 15 Nov 1935

Petula Clark Partner(s) Other Children

Petula Clark Children

Barbara Wolff

born 1962, age 56 (approx.)
with Claude Wolff

Kate Wolff

born 1964, age 54 (approx.)
with Claude Wolff

Patrick Wolff

born 1972, age 46 (approx.)
with Claude Wolff


Petula Clark Family

Petula Clark's parents:

Petula Clark's father was Leslie Clark Petula Clark's mother was Doris Clark

Petula Clark's children:

Petula Clark's daughter is Barbara Wolff Petula Clark's daughter is Kate Wolff Petula Clark's son is Patrick Wolff

Petula Clark's current partners:

Petula Clark had a relationship with Dean Martin Petula Clark's husband is Claude Wolff

Petula Clark's former partners:

Petula Clark dated Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

Petula Clark's grandchildren:

Petula Clark's grandson is Sebastian De Cabrol Petula Clark's granddaughter is Annabelle De Cabrol

Petula Clark's in laws:

Petula Clark's son in law is Robert De Cabrol

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