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Meyer Lansky
Partners of 
Meyer Lansky

One of the founder members of the National Crime Syndicate in the USA
Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky




Thursday 28 Aug 1902


16 Jan 1983

Meyer Lansky
Bio Details

Full name

Meyer Lansky





Date of birth

Thursday 28 Aug 1902

Birth place

Hrodzienskaja, Belarus

Date of death:

16 Jan 1983

Place of death

Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA

Partners of 
Meyer Lansky

Teddy Lansky



Anna Lansky


3 children together

married 1929
divorce 1947

Meyer Lansky Children

Paul Lansky

with Anna Lansky

Buddy Lansky

born 1930, died 1989, age 59
with Anna Lansky

Sandra Lansky

born 1937, age 80
with Anna Lansky

Meyer Lansky Partner(s) Other Children


Meyer Lansky Family

Meyer Lansky's parents:

Meyer Lansky's father was Max Lansky Meyer Lansky's mother was Yetta Lansky

Meyer Lansky's children:

Meyer Lansky's son is Paul Lansky Meyer Lansky's son was Buddy Lansky Meyer Lansky's daughter is Sandra Lansky

Meyer Lansky's current partners:

Meyer Lansky's wife was Teddy Lansky

Meyer Lansky's former partners:

Meyer Lansky's former wife was Anna Lansky

Meyer Lansky's grandchildren:

Meyer Lansky's grandson is Meyer Lansky II

Meyer Lansky's in laws:

Meyer Lansky's daughter in law is Edna Lansky

Meyer Lansky's former in laws:

Meyer Lansky's former father in law was Moses Citron Meyer Lansky's former mother in law was Sarah Citron

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