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Bob Collett
Partner of 
Bob Collett

Father of Muriel's Wedding Star Toni Collette
Bob Collett

RobertBob Collett


71 (approx.)


Nov 1946

Bob Collett
Bio Details

Full name

RobertBob Collett




71 (approx.)

Date of birth

Nov 1946


Truck Driver

Bob Collett Siblings

Stanley Collett


other parent: Stanley Collett

Partners of 
Bob Collett

Judy Collett


3 children together

Bob Collett Children

Toni Collette

born 1972, age 45
with Judy Collett

Australian Actress

Christopher Collett

born 1976, age 42 (approx.)
with Judy Collett

Ben Collett

born 1981, age 37 (approx.)
with Judy Collett

Bob Collett Partner(s) Other Children


Bob Collett Family

Bob Collett's parents:

Bob Collett's father is Birth-father-of-Bob Collett Bob Collett's mother is Norma Collett

Bob Collett's former step-parents:

Bob Collett's former step-father is Stanley Collett Bob Collett's former step-father is Harry Coles

Bob Collett's children:

Bob Collett's daughter is Toni Collette Bob Collett's son is Christopher Collett Bob Collett's son is Ben Collett

Bob Collett's current partners:

Bob Collett's wife is Judy Collett

Bob Collett's siblings:

Bob Collett's half-brother is Stanley Collett

Bob Collett's grandchildren:

Bob Collett's granddaughter is Sage Galafassi Bob Collett's grandson is Arlo Galafassi

Bob Collett's in laws:

Bob Collett's father in law is Joseph Cook Bob Collett's mother in law was Ivy Cook Bob Collett's wife Judy Collett's aunt in law is Lola Cook Bob Collett's son in law is Dave Galafassi