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Partners of 
Lillian Fontaine
Lillian Fontaine

Partners of 
Lillian Fontaine

George Fontaine


Apr 1925

Walter De Havilland


2 children together

married 30 Nov 1914
divorce Feb 1925

Lillian Fontaine
Bio Details

Full name

Lillian Augusta De Havilland

Maiden name

Lillian Ruse





Date of birth

Friday 11 Jun 1886

Birth place

Reading, Berkshire, England, UK

Date of death:

20 Feb 1975

Place of death

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Cause of death




Lillian Fontaine

Lillian Augusta De Havilland




Friday 11 Jun 1886


20 Feb 1975

Lillian Fontaine Partner(s) Other Children

Lillian Fontaine Children

Dame Olivia De Havilland

born 1916, died 2020, age 104
with Walter De Havilland

Double Oscar winning actress. Joan Fontaine's Sister

Joan Fontaine

born 1917, died 2003, age 86
with Walter De Havilland

Academy Award Winning Actress


Lillian Fontaine Family

Lillian Fontaine's children:

Lillian Fontaine's daughter was Dame Olivia De Havilland Lillian Fontaine's daughter was Joan Fontaine

Lillian Fontaine's current partners:

Lillian Fontaine's husband was George Fontaine

Lillian Fontaine's former partners:

Lillian Fontaine's former husband was Walter De Havilland

Lillian Fontaine's grandchildren:

Lillian Fontaine's grandson was Benjamin Goodrich Lillian Fontaine's granddaughter is Giselle Galante

Lillian Fontaine's former in laws:

Lillian Fontaine's former son in law was Brian Aherne Lillian Fontaine's former father in law was Charles de Havilland Lillian Fontaine's former mother in law is Margaret de Havilland Lillian Fontaine's former step-mother in law was Agnes de Havilland Lillian Fontaine's former half-brother in law was Charles de Havilland Lillian Fontaine's former son in law is Pierre Galante Lillian Fontaine's former son in law was Marcus Goodrich