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Albert Roux
Partners of 
Albert Roux

3 Star Michelin Chef at Le Gavroche
Father of Michel Roux Jr
Albert Roux

Albert Henri Roux




Tuesday 08 Oct 1935


4 Jan 2021

Albert Roux
Bio Details

Full name

Albert Henri Roux





Date of birth

Tuesday 08 Oct 1935

Birth place

Semur-en-Brionnais, Charolles, France

Date of death:

4 Jan 2021



Albert and his brother trained as patissiers in France and came to London in the 1950's. Albert worked for Nancy Astor and Michel for the Rothschilds.

Albert Roux Siblings

Michel Roux OBE


Partners of 
Albert Roux

Maria Roux


Jan 2018

Nataliya Lutsyshyna


affair from about 2014

Debbie Spivey Izo

Close Friendship

close friendship from after 2014

Lynne Moore


dating from after 2014

Ljiljana Pavicevic


dating from after 2014

Cheryl Roux


married 2006
divorce about 2014

Monique Roux


2 children together

married about 1953
divorce 2001

Celine Kohler

Close Friendship

Albert Roux Children

Michel Roux Jr

born 1960, age 60
with Monique Roux

Michelin Star Chef at Le Gavroche Son of Albert Roux

Danielle Roux

born 1965, age 56 (approx.)
with Monique Roux

Albert Roux Partner(s) Other Children


Albert Roux Family

Albert Roux's parents:

Albert Roux's father was Henri Roux Albert Roux's mother is Germaine Roux

Albert Roux's children:

Albert Roux's son is Michel Roux Jr Albert Roux's daughter is Danielle Roux

Albert Roux's current partners:

Albert Roux's wife was Maria Roux Albert Roux had an affair with Nataliya Lutsyshyna Albert Roux had a close friendship with Debbie Spivey Izo Albert Roux was dating Lynne Moore Albert Roux was dating Ljiljana Pavicevic Albert Roux had a close friendship with Celine Kohler

Albert Roux's former partners:

Albert Roux's former wife is Cheryl Roux Albert Roux's former wife is Monique Roux

Albert Roux's siblings:

Albert Roux's brother was Michel Roux OBE

Albert Roux's nieces and nephews:

Albert Roux's nephew is Alain Roux Albert Roux's niece is Christine Roux Albert Roux's niece is Francine Roux

Albert Roux's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Albert Roux's great nephew is Paul Roux Albert Roux's great niece is Louise Roux

Albert Roux's grandchildren:

Albert Roux's granddaughter is Emily Roux

Albert Roux's in laws:

Albert Roux's daughter in law is Giselle Roux

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