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Partners of 
Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

Partners of 
Brigitte Bardot

Bernard d'Ormale


16 Aug 1992

Miroslav Brozek


relationship began circa 1973
until circa 1975

Ray Bellisario

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from 1968
until 1968

Gunter Sachs


married 14 Jul 1966
divorce 1969

Christian Marquand


from about Jun 1963
until before Oct 1963

Jacques Charrier


1 child together

married 18 Jun 1959
divorce 1962

Gilbert Becaud


affair from circa 1958
until circa 1958

Jean-Louis Trintignant


relationship began circa 1956
until circa 1958

Roger Vadim


married 19 Dec 1952
divorce Dec 1957

Luis Miguel Dominguin


Brigitte Bardot
Bio Details

Full name

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot

Also known as








Date of birth

Friday 28 Sep 1934

Birth place

Paris, France


Actress (1952)

Singer & Recording Artist (1960)

Animal Rights Activist (1975 (ca.))


National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance , France (1944 (aft.))

The generosity of little girls

In the 1940s Brigitte's best friend Chantal lost her father during the Nazi invasion of France.  When Brigitte found out she offered half of her Papa to the little girl.

Brigitte Bardot Siblings

Mijanoiu Bauchau


The Original Sex Kitten
Animal Rights Activist
Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot




Friday 28 Sep 1934

Brigitte Bardot Partner(s) Other Children

Brigitte Bardot Children

Nicolas-Jacques Charrier

born 1960, age 58
with Jacques Charrier

Son of Brigitte Bardot.


Brigitte Bardot Family

Brigitte Bardot's parents:

Brigitte Bardot's father was Louis Bardot Brigitte Bardot's mother was Anne-Marie Bardot

Brigitte Bardot's children:

Brigitte Bardot's son is Nicolas-Jacques Charrier

Brigitte Bardot's current partners:

Brigitte Bardot's husband is Bernard d'Ormale

Brigitte Bardot's former partners:

Brigitte Bardot had an affair with Gilbert Becaud Brigitte Bardot had a relationship with Jean-Louis Trintignant Brigitte Bardot's former husband was Roger Vadim Brigitte Bardot had a relationship with Luis Miguel Dominguin Brigitte Bardot had a relationship with Miroslav Brozek Brigitte Bardot had a brief liaison with Ray Bellisario Brigitte Bardot's former husband was Gunter Sachs Brigitte Bardot had a romance with Christian Marquand Brigitte Bardot's former husband is Jacques Charrier

Brigitte Bardot's siblings:

Brigitte Bardot's sister is Mijanoiu Bauchau

Brigitte Bardot's nieces and nephews:

Brigitte Bardot's niece is Camille Bauchau

Brigitte Bardot's grandparents:

Brigitte Bardot's grandfather was Isadore Mucel Brigitte Bardot's grandmother was Jeanne Grandval Brigitte Bardot's grandfather was Charles Bardot Brigitte Bardot's grandmother was Hyacinthe Claveau

Brigitte Bardot's grandchildren:

Brigitte Bardot's granddaughter is Anna-Camilla Charrier Bjerkan Brigitte Bardot's granddaughter is Thea-Josephine Charrier Bjerkan

Brigitte Bardot's great grandchildren:

Brigitte Bardot's great grandchild is Brigitte-Bardot Great-grandchild

Brigitte Bardot's in laws:

Brigitte Bardot's daughter in law is Anne-Line Bjerkan

Brigitte Bardot's former in laws:

Brigitte Bardot's former father in law was Willy Sachs Brigitte Bardot's former mother in law is Elinor Sachs Brigitte Bardot's former step-father in law is Carlo Kirchner Brigitte Bardot's former grandfather in law is Ernst Sachs Brigitte Bardot's former brother in law was Ernst Wilhelm Sachs Brigitte Bardot's former father in law was Igor Plemiannikov Brigitte Bardot's former mother in law was Marie-Antoinette Ardilouze Brigitte Bardot's former sister in law is Helene Plemiannikov

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