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André Palasse
Partners of 
André Palasse

The Nephew of Iconic Designer Coco Chanel
André Palasse

André Palasse

André Palasse
Bio Details

Full name

André Palasse



Was brought up by his Aunt, Coc Chanel, from the age of 6 following his mother's.

Partners of 
André Palasse



1 child together

André Palasse Children

Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie

born 1926 (ca.), age 92 (ca.)
with Unknown

Teh Great Niece of Iconic Designer Coco Chanel

André Palasse Partner(s) Other Children


André Palasse Family

André Palasse's parents:

André Palasse's mother was Julia Chanel

André Palasse's children:

André Palasse's daughter is Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie

André Palasse's grandparents:

André Palasse's grandfather was Albert Chanel André Palasse's grandmother was Jeanne Chanel

André Palasse's uncles and aunts:

André Palasse's aunt was Coco Chanel André Palasse's uncle is Alphonse Chanel André Palasse's uncle is Lucien Chanel André Palasse's uncle was Augustin Chanel André Palasse's aunt was Antionette Fleming André Palasse's uncle-by-marriage is Oscar Fleming