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Robert Mitchum
Partners of 
Robert Mitchum

American Film Star
Robert Mitchum

Robery Charles Durman Mitchum




Monday 06 Aug 1917


1 Jul 1997

Robert Mitchum
Bio Details

Full name

Robery Charles Durman Mitchum





Date of birth

Monday 06 Aug 1917

Birth place

Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

Date of death:

1 Jul 1997

Place of death

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California, USA

Cause of death

Lung Cancer


Actor (1942 - 1997)

Singer & Recording Artist (1957)


Haaren High School, Manhattan, New York, United States

The Story Teller

Mitchum was famous for fabricating fantastic tales about his life, something he jokingly encouraged others to do too. If he is to be believed, he spent his early years doing everything from mining coal, digging ditches, and ghost writing for astrologer Carroll Richter, to fighting 27 bouts as a prizefighter. He also claimed to have escaped from a Georgia chain gang

Golden Globes

1992 - Cecil B DeMille Award

Robert Mitchum Siblings

Julie Mitchum Sater


John Mitchum


Carol Worth Allen


other parent: Hugh Morris

Partners of 
Robert Mitchum

Dorothy Mitchum


3 children together

16 Mar 1940

Ava Gardner


Robert Mitchum Children

James Mitchum

born 1941, age 79
with Dorothy Mitchum

Christopher Mitchum

born 1943, age 76
with Dorothy Mitchum

Petrine Mitchum

born 1952, age 68
with Dorothy Mitchum

Robert Mitchum Partner(s) Other Children


Robert Mitchum Family

Robert Mitchum's parents:

Robert Mitchum's father was James Mitchum Robert Mitchum's mother was Ann Mitchum Robert Mitchum's step-father is Hugh Morris Robert Mitchum's step-father is Bill Clancy

Robert Mitchum's children:

Robert Mitchum's son is James Mitchum Robert Mitchum's son is Christopher Mitchum Robert Mitchum's daughter is Petrine Mitchum

Robert Mitchum's current partners:

Robert Mitchum's wife was Dorothy Mitchum

Robert Mitchum's former partners:

Robert Mitchum had an affair with Ava Gardner

Robert Mitchum's siblings:

Robert Mitchum's sister was Julie Mitchum Sater Robert Mitchum's brother is John Mitchum Robert Mitchum's half-sister is Carol Worth Allen

Robert Mitchum's grandparents:

Robert Mitchum's grandfather is Gustaf Gunderson Robert Mitchum's grandmother is Petrine Gunderson

Robert Mitchum's grandchildren:

Robert Mitchum's granddaughter is Carrie Mitchum Robert Mitchum's grandson is Bentley Mitchum

Robert Mitchum's great grandchildren:

Robert Mitchum's great granddaughter was Allexanne Mitchum

Robert Mitchum's uncles and aunts:

Robert Mitchum's uncle is Charles Gunderson Robert Mitchum's aunt is Gertrude Gunderson

Robert Mitchum's in laws:

Robert Mitchum's father in law was William L Spence Robert Mitchum's mother in law was Ina Spence Robert Mitchum's daughter in law is Cindy Mitchum

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