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Elizabeth Winslow
Elizabeth Winslow

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Elizabeth Winslow

Edward Winslow


16 May 1618

Elizabeth Winslow
Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Winslow

Maiden name

Elizabeth Barker



Birth place

England, UK

Date of death:

24 Mar 1621

Place of death

Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA

One of the original passengers on The Mayflower which sailed from Plymouth in 1620
Elizabeth Winslow

Elizabeth Winslow


24 Mar 1621


Elizabeth Winslow Family

Elizabeth Winslow's current partners:

Elizabeth Winslow's husband was Edward Winslow

Elizabeth Winslow's in laws:

Elizabeth Winslow's brother in law was Gilbert Winslow Elizabeth Winslow's father in law was Edward Winslow Elizabeth Winslow's mother in law was Magdalene Winslow

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