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Partner of 
Mary Gardner
Mary Gardner

Partners of 
Mary Gardner

Jonas Bailey Gardner


6 children together

Ended 1938

Mary Gardner
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Elizabeth Gardner

Maiden name

Mary Elizabeth Baker

Also known as

Mollie Gardner

Mollie Baker





Date of birth

Thursday 22 Nov 1883

Birth place

Brogden, Johnston County, North Carolina

Date of death:

21 May 1943

Place of death

Rock Ridge, Wilson County, North Carolina

Cause of death


Mary Gardner

Mary Elizabeth Gardner




Thursday 22 Nov 1883


21 May 1943

Mary Gardner Partner(s) Other Children

Mary Gardner Children

Beatrice Cole

born 1903, died 1993, age 89
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Elsie Creech

born 1904, died 1987, age 82 (approx.)
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Inez Gardner

born 1906, died 1981, age 74
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Raymond Gardner

born 1908, died 1911, age 2
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Jonas Melvin Gardner

born 1911, died 1981, age 69
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Ava Gardner

born 1922, died 1990, age 67
with Jonas Bailey Gardner

Hollywood Actress One of American greatest film stars


Mary Gardner Family

Mary Gardner's children:

Mary Gardner's daughter was Ava Gardner Mary Gardner's son was Jonas Melvin Gardner Mary Gardner's daughter was Beatrice Cole Mary Gardner's daughter was Elsie Creech Mary Gardner's daughter was Inez Gardner Mary Gardner's son was Raymond Gardner

Mary Gardner's former partners:

Mary Gardner's former husband was Jonas Bailey Gardner

Mary Gardner's former in laws:

Mary Gardner's former son in law was Frank Sinatra Mary Gardner's former son in law was Mickey Rooney Mary Gardner's former son in law was Artie Shaw Mary Gardner's former son in law is Larry Tarr Mary Gardner's former daughter in law was Rose Gardner