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Partners of 
Ko Yong-hui
Ko Yong-hui

Partners of 
Ko Yong-hui

Kim Jong-Il

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Ko Yong-hui
Bio Details

Full name

Ko Yong-hui

Also known as

Takada Hime

Koh Young Hee




52 (approx.)

Date of birth

Thursday 26 Jun 1952

Birth place

Osaka, Japan

Date of death:

Aug 2004 (ca.)

Place of death

Pyongyang, North Korea

Cause of death

Heart failure

Ko Yong-hui Siblings

Ko Yong-suk


Ko Yong-hui

Ko Yong-hui


52 (approx.)


Thursday 26 Jun 1952


Aug 2004 (ca.)

Ko Yong-hui Partner(s) Other Children

Ko Yong-hui Children

Kim Jong-chul

born 1981, age 36
with Kim Jong-Il

Kim Jong-un

born 1984, age 34
with Kim Jong-Il

Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Kim Yo-jong

born 1987, age 30
with Kim Jong-Il


Ko Yong-hui Family

Ko Yong-hui's parents:

Ko Yong-hui's father is Ko Gyon-tek

Ko Yong-hui's children:

Ko Yong-hui's son is Kim Jong-un Ko Yong-hui's son is Kim Jong-chul Ko Yong-hui's daughter is Kim Yo-jong

Ko Yong-hui's siblings:

Ko Yong-hui's sister is Ko Yong-suk

Ko Yong-hui's grandchildren:

Ko Yong-hui's grandson is Son of Kim Jong-Un Ko Yong-hui's granddaughter is Kim Ju-ae Ko Yong-hui's grandchild is Child of Kim Jong-Un

Ko Yong-hui's in laws:

Ko Yong-hui's daughter in law is Ri Sol-ju