Estrangement Relationship facts


Caxton Hall, Westminster, London, UK

Estranged from about 1958

Notorious hellraiser.
Dennis Hamilton

Dennis Hamilton

Other Partners

Professional Partners


Other Partners

Alan Lake


1 child together

23 Nov 1968

Dickie Dawson


2 children together

married 1959

Rod Steiger


affair from 1957

Tommy Yeardye

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1957
until about 1958

Dandy Kim


relationship began about 1951
until about 1952

Desmond Morris


dated from circa 1944

Professional Partners


Pneumatic Blond Actress
Diana Dors

Diana Mary Dors




Friday 23 Oct 1931


4 May 1984

His Other Children

Children Together

Her Other Children

Mark Dawson

born 1960, age 59 (approx.)
with Dickie Dawson

Gary Dawson

born 1962, age 57 (approx.)
with Dickie Dawson

Jason Dors-Lake

born 1969, died 2019, age 50
with Alan Lake

Son of Diana Dors

Dennis Hamilton
Bio Details

Full name

Dennis Hamilton




Dennis Hamilton Family

Dennis Hamilton's former partners:

Dennis Hamilton's former wife was Diana Dors

Dennis Hamilton's former in laws:

Dennis Hamilton's former father in law was Bert Fluck Dennis Hamilton's former mother in law was Mary Fluck Dennis Hamilton's former step-father in law was William Padget Dennis Hamilton's former grandfather in law is Albert Fluck Dennis Hamilton's former grandmother in law is Catherine Fluck Dennis Hamilton's former grandfather in law is Elijah Payne Dennis Hamilton's former grandmother in law was Georgina Payne

Diana Dors
Bio Details

Full name

Diana Mary Dors

Maiden name

Diana Mary Fluck





Date of birth

Friday 23 Oct 1931

Birth place

Haven Nursing Home, Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK

Date of death:

4 May 1984

Place of death

Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK

Cause of death

Ovarian Cancer



TV Personality


LAMDA: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom

Selwood House School, Swindon, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom


Diana Dors Family

Diana Dors's parents:

Diana Dors's father was Bert Fluck Diana Dors's mother was Mary Fluck Diana Dors's step-father was William Padget

Diana Dors's children:

Diana Dors's son was Jason Dors-Lake Diana Dors's son is Mark Dawson Diana Dors's son is Gary Dawson

Diana Dors's current partners:

Diana Dors's husband was Alan Lake

Diana Dors's former partners:

Diana Dors had an affair with Rod Steiger Diana Dors dated Desmond Morris Diana Dors's former husband is Dickie Dawson Diana Dors is the former fiance of Tommy Yeardye Diana Dors had a relationship with Dandy Kim Diana Dors's former husband is Dennis Hamilton

Diana Dors's grandparents:

Diana Dors's grandfather is Elijah Payne Diana Dors's grandmother was Georgina Payne Diana Dors's grandfather is Albert Fluck Diana Dors's grandmother is Catherine Fluck

Diana Dors's grandchildren:

Diana Dors's granddaughter is Ruby Lake

Diana Dors's in laws:

Diana Dors's father in law was Cyril Lake Diana Dors's mother in law was Millie Lake Diana Dors's half-sister in law is Vilma Thursfield

Diana Dors's former in laws:

Diana Dors's former daughter in law is Esther Lake