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Anne Frank
Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank
Bio Details

Full name

Annelies Marie Frank




15 (approx.)

Date of birth

Wednesday 12 Jun 1929

Birth place

Frankfurt, Germany

Date of death:


Place of death

Bergen-Belsen Concetration Camp

Cause of death


Following the Nazi invasion of Holland in 1940, Anne Frank and her family were treated with prejudice due to being Jews.  When Anne's sister Margot was called to be relocated to a work camp in 1942, the entire famly went into hiding above the offices of their business where they remained for 2 years.  Throughout this time Anne kept a diary which gave a candid account of her confinement.  Published in 1947 by her father, this diary has sold 30 million copies and been translated into 67 languages.
Originally published in Holland as The Secret Annexe: Diary-Letters 12 June 1942–1 August 1944, The Diary of Anne Frank has become on of the best selling books of all time and the home in Amsterdam where she wrote it has become the most visited site in the Netherlands.


A handwritten poem by Anne sold at auction for £119,000 in just 2 minutes.  In previous years  other items have sold at austion including a series of letters between Anne, her older sister Margot and American pen pals s£133,000 and a 1925 edition of Grimm’s fairy tales with both girls’ names written on the title page fetched $50,000.

Anne Frank Siblings

Margot Frank


Heinz Geringer


step parent: Fritzi Frank

Eva Schloss


step parent: Fritzi Frank

Creator of The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank

Annelies Marie Frank


15 (approx.)


Wednesday 12 Jun 1929




Anne Frank Family

Anne Frank's parents:

Anne Frank's father was Otto Frank Anne Frank's mother was Edith Frank Anne Frank's step-mother was Fritzi Frank

Anne Frank's siblings:

Anne Frank's sister was Margot Frank Anne Frank's step-brother was Heinz Geringer Anne Frank's step-sister is Eva Schloss

Anne Frank's grandparents:

Anne Frank's grandmother was Rosa Hollander Anne Frank's grandfather is Michael Frank

Anne Frank's uncles and aunts:

Anne Frank's uncle was Robert Frank Anne Frank's uncle was Herbert Frank Anne Frank's aunt was Helene Frank Anne Frank's uncle was Julius Hollander Anne Frank's uncle was Walter Hollander Anne Frank's aunt was Bettina Hollander