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Mary Payne
Mary Payne

Partners of 
Mary Payne

John Payne


4 children together

Mary Payne
Bio Details

Full name

Mary Winston Payne

Maiden name

Mary Winston Coles




64 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:


Place of death

Virginia, USA

Mary Payne

Mary Winston Payne


64 (approx.)





Mary Payne Partner(s) Other Children

Mary Payne Children

Dolley Madison

born 1768, died 1849, age 81
with John Payne

First Lady of the United States of America 4th Mar 1809 - 4th Mar 1817

Lucy Todd

born 1769, died 1846, age 76
with John Payne

Anna Cutts

born 1779, died 1832, age 52
with John Payne

Mary Jackson

born 1781, died 1808, age 27 (approx.)
with John Payne


Mary Payne Family

Mary Payne's parents:

Mary Payne's father was William Coles Mary Payne's mother was Lucy Coles

Mary Payne's children:

Mary Payne's daughter was Dolley Madison Mary Payne's daughter was Lucy Todd Mary Payne's daughter was Anna Cutts Mary Payne's daughter was Mary Jackson

Mary Payne's current partners:

Mary Payne's husband was John Payne

Mary Payne's grandchildren:

Mary Payne's grandson was Payne Todd Mary Payne's grandson was William Todd

Mary Payne's uncles and aunts:

Mary Payne's uncle was John Coles Sr. Mary Payne's aunt-by-marriage was Mary Ann Coles

Mary Payne's cousins:

Mary Payne's cousin was Rebecca Singleton

Mary Payne's first cousins once removed:

Mary Payne's first cousin once removed was Angelica Van Buren

Mary Payne's in laws:

Mary Payne's son in law was President James Madison Mary Payne's father in law was Josias Payne Mary Payne's mother in law was Ann Payne Mary Payne's son in law was John Todd