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Usain Bolt
Partners of 
Usain Bolt

The World's Fastest Man
First to hold both the 100 & 200 metres world records
Usain Bolt

Usain St Leo Bolt




Thursday 21 Aug 1986

Usain Bolt
Bio Details

Full name

Usain St Leo Bolt

Also known as

Lightening Bolt





Date of birth

Thursday 21 Aug 1986

Birth place

Sherwood Content, Jamaica




Waldensia Primary School, Trelawny, Jamaica

William Knibb Memorial High School, Falmouth, Jamaica

He is considered as the fastest man ever timed and was the first to hold both records for the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints at the same time.
Has won 9 Olympic gold medals having won the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m relay at 3 consecutive games in Beijing in 2008, then London 4 years later and finally Rio in 2016.
Famous for his Lightning Bolt victory pose which he created after his first athletics coach, Pablo McNeil, nicknamed him The Lightning Bolt the first time he saw him run.

Usain Bolt Siblings

Sherine Bolt


Christine Bolt-Hylton


other parent: Unknown

Sadiki Bolt


other parent: Unknown

Partners of 
Usain Bolt

Jady Duarte

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from Aug 2016
until Aug 2016

Kasi Bennett


3 children together

relationship began before Apr 2016

Nailah Dillard

Alleged Affair

2013 - 2014

April Jackson


dated from about 2013
until about 2013

Megan Edwards


dated from about Jul 2012
until about Dec 2012

Lubica Slovak


dated from about Dec 2011
until about May 2012

 Rebeckah Passley

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from Jun 2009
until 2010

Mizicann Edwards


Taneish Simpson

Allegedly Dated

Usain Bolt Children

Olympia Bolt

born 2020, age 1
with Kasi Bennett

Saint Leo Bolt

born 2021, age under a month old (approx.)
with Kasi Bennett

Thunder Bolt

born 2021 (bef.), age 0 days (bef.)
with Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt Partner(s) Other Children


Usain Bolt Family

Usain Bolt's parents:

Usain Bolt's father is Wellesley Bolt Usain Bolt's mother is Jennifer Bolt

Usain Bolt's children:

Usain Bolt's daughter is Olympia Bolt Usain Bolt's son is Saint Leo Bolt Usain Bolt's son is Thunder Bolt

Usain Bolt's current partners:

Usain Bolt has a relationship with Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt's former partners:

Usain Bolt had a brief liaison with Jady Duarte Usain Bolt allegedly had an affair with Nailah Dillard Usain Bolt dated April Jackson Usain Bolt dated Megan Edwards Usain Bolt dated Lubica Slovak Usain Bolt allegedly dated Rebeckah Passley Usain Bolt had a relationship with Mizicann Edwards Usain Bolt allegedly dated Taneish Simpson

Usain Bolt's siblings:

Usain Bolt's sister is Sherine Bolt Usain Bolt's half-sister is Christine Bolt-Hylton Usain Bolt's half-brother is Sadiki Bolt

Usain Bolt's grandparents:

Usain Bolt's grandmother is Monica Davis