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Zeppo Marx
Partners of 
Zeppo Marx

Zeppo Marx

Herbert Zeppo Marx




Monday 25 Feb 1901


30 Nov 1979

Zeppo Marx
Bio Details

Full name

Herbert Zeppo Marx

Also known as

Herbert Manfred Marx





Date of birth

Monday 25 Feb 1901

Date of death:

30 Nov 1979

Place of death

Eisenhower Medical Center, Palm Springs, California, USA

Cause of death

Lung Cancer


Fisherman (Finished 1979 (bef.))

Actor (1918 - 1979 (bef.))

Engineer (1941 - 1979 (bef.))

Zeppo Marx designed the Marman Clamp mechanism used to hold the atomic bomb on the Enola Gay during the bombing raid on Hiroshima.

Zeppo Marx Siblings

Manfred Marx


Chico Marx


Harpo Marx


Groucho Marx


Gummo Marx


Partners of 
Zeppo Marx

Patricia Jo Welch

Close Friendship

close friendship from circa 1975
until before 1978

Barbara Sinatra


1959 - 1972

Marion Marx


2 children together

1927 - 1954

Zeppo Marx Children

Timothy Marx

adopted with Marion Marx

Thomas Marks

adopted with Marion Marx

Zeppo Marx Partner(s) Other Children


Zeppo Marx Family

Zeppo Marx's parents:

Zeppo Marx's father was Samuel Marx Zeppo Marx's mother was Minnie Marx

Zeppo Marx's children:

Zeppo Marx's adopted son is Timothy Marx Zeppo Marx's adopted son is Thomas Marks

Zeppo Marx's former partners:

Zeppo Marx's former wife was Barbara Sinatra Zeppo Marx had a close friendship with Patricia Jo Welch Zeppo Marx's former wife is Marion Marx

Zeppo Marx's siblings:

Zeppo Marx's brother was Chico Marx Zeppo Marx's brother was Harpo Marx Zeppo Marx's brother was Groucho Marx Zeppo Marx's brother was Gummo Marx Zeppo Marx's brother was Manfred Marx

Zeppo Marx's nieces and nephews:

Zeppo Marx's nephew was Arthur Marx Zeppo Marx's niece was Maxine Culhane Zeppo Marx's niece is Miriam Allen Zeppo Marx's niece is Melinda Marx

Zeppo Marx's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Zeppo Marx's great nephew is Brian Marx Culhane

Zeppo Marx's grandparents:

Zeppo Marx's grandfather was Levi Schönberg Zeppo Marx's grandmother was Fanny Schönberg Zeppo Marx's grandfather was Mark Marks Zeppo Marx's grandmother was Honne Marks

Zeppo Marx's uncles and aunts:

Zeppo Marx's uncle was Al Shean

Zeppo Marx's former in laws:

Zeppo Marx's former father in law was Willis Blakeley Zeppo Marx's former mother in law was Irene Blakeley Zeppo Marx's former sister in law is Patricia Jo Welch

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