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Partner of 
Dolly Sinatra
Dolly Sinatra

Partners of 
Dolly Sinatra

Marty Sinatra


1 child together

14 Feb 1913

Dolly Sinatra
Bio Details

Full name

Natalina Sinatra

Maiden name

Natalina Garavente

Also known as


Natalie Sinatra

Natalie Garavente





Date of birth

Sunday 25 Nov 1894

Birth place

Genoa, Liguria, Italy

Date of death:

6 Jan 1977

Place of death

Mount San Gorgonio, San Bernardino County, California, USA

Cause of death

Plane Crash



Died in a private jet crash on Mount San Gorgonio in Southern California. Also killed were an old friend of Dolly's Mrs Anthony Carboni and two crew members Donald Weier and Jerold Foley. Mrs Sinatra was on her way to see son Frank perform in Las Vegas.

Dolly Sinatra Siblings

Josephine Monaco


Mary Tready


Thomas Garavente


Dolly Sinatra

Natalina Sinatra




Sunday 25 Nov 1894


6 Jan 1977

Dolly Sinatra Partner(s) Other Children

Dolly Sinatra Children

Frank Sinatra

born 1915, died 1998, age 82
with Marty Sinatra

American Singer and Actor


Dolly Sinatra Family

Dolly Sinatra's parents:

Dolly Sinatra's mother is Rose Garavente

Dolly Sinatra's children:

Dolly Sinatra's son was Frank Sinatra

Dolly Sinatra's current partners:

Dolly Sinatra's husband was Marty Sinatra

Dolly Sinatra's siblings:

Dolly Sinatra's sister is Josephine Monaco Dolly Sinatra's sister is Mary Tready Dolly Sinatra's brother was Thomas Garavente

Dolly Sinatra's grandchildren:

Dolly Sinatra's granddaughter is Nancy Sinatra Dolly Sinatra's grandson was Frank Sinatra Jr Dolly Sinatra's granddaughter is Tina Sinatra Dolly Sinatra's granddaughter is Deana Jones

Dolly Sinatra's great grandchildren:

Dolly Sinatra's great granddaughter is Francine Sinatra Dolly Sinatra's great granddaughter is Natalie Oglesby Dolly Sinatra's great grandson is Oliver Moore Dolly Sinatra's great grandson is Damon Moore

Dolly Sinatra's in laws:

Dolly Sinatra's daughter in law was Barbara Sinatra

Dolly Sinatra's former in laws:

Dolly Sinatra's former daughter in law is Mia Farrow Dolly Sinatra's former daughter in law was Ava Gardner Dolly Sinatra's former daughter in law was Nancy Barbato Sinatra