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Dick Simon
Partners of 
Dick Simon

Co-Founder of Simon & Schuster 
Father of Carly Simon
Dick Simon

Richard Leo Simon




Monday 06 Mar 1899


29 Jul 1960

Dick Simon
Bio Details

Full name

Richard Leo Simon





Date of birth

Monday 06 Mar 1899

Birth place

New York City, NY, USA

Date of death:

29 Jul 1960

Place of death

At his country home on Newfield Avenue, North Stanford, Connecticut, USA




Columbia University, New York, United States

Fieldston (Ethical Culture Fieldstone School), New York City, New York, United States

Richard was co-founder of the American publishing house Simon & Schuster in 1924 with M. Lincoln Schuster.

Dick Simon Siblings

Henry Simon


Alfred Simon


George Simon


Elizabeth Seligman


Partners of 
Dick Simon

Relationship History

Andrea Simon


4 children together

3 Aug 1934

Professional Partners

Max Schuster, 
M. Lincoln Schuster

Professional Working Relationship

Dick Simon Children

Joanna Simon

born 1940, age 78
with Andrea Simon

Lucy Levine

born 1943, age 76 (approx.)
with Andrea Simon

Carly Simon

born 1945, age 73
with Andrea Simon

American Singer Songwriter

Peter Simon

born 1947, age 72 (approx.)
with Andrea Simon

Dick Simon Partner(s) Other Children


Dick Simon Family

Dick Simon's parents:

Dick Simon's father is Leo Simon Dick Simon's mother is Anna Simon

Dick Simon's children:

Dick Simon's daughter is Carly Simon Dick Simon's daughter is Joanna Simon Dick Simon's daughter is Lucy Levine Dick Simon's son is Peter Simon

Dick Simon's current partners:

Dick Simon's wife was Andrea Simon

Dick Simon's siblings:

Dick Simon's brother is Henry Simon Dick Simon's brother is Alfred Simon Dick Simon's brother is George Simon Dick Simon's sister is Elizabeth Seligman

Dick Simon's grandchildren:

Dick Simon's granddaughter is Sally Taylor Dick Simon's grandson is Ben Taylor Dick Simon's grandson is Willie Simon

Dick Simon's great grandchildren:

Dick Simon's great grandson is Bodhi Taylor Bragonier

Dick Simon's in laws:

Dick Simon's father in law was Frederick A Heinemann Dick Simon's mother in law is Elma M Heinemann Dick Simon's son in law was Gerald Walker Dick Simon's son in law is Dr David Y Levine

Dick Simon's former in laws:

Dick Simon's former son in law is James Taylor Dick Simon's former son in law is Jim Hart