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Hugo Swire
Partners of 
Hugo Swire

Hugo Swire

Hugo George William Swire




Monday 30 Nov 1959

Partners of 
Hugo Swire

Sasha Swire


Dec 1996

Jerry Hall


dated from about Aug 1990
until before Nov 1990


Hugo Swire Family

Hugo Swire's current partners:

Hugo Swire's wife is Sasha Swire

Hugo Swire's former partners:

Hugo Swire dated Jerry Hall

Hugo Swire's in laws:

Hugo Swire's father in law is John Nott Hugo Swire's brother in law is Julian Nott Hugo Swire's mother in law is Miloshka Nott Hugo Swire's grandfather in law is Richard Nott Hugo Swire's grandmother in law is Phyllis Nott Hugo Swire's brother in law is William Nott