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Partners of 
Karen Pence
Karen Pence

Partners of 
Karen Pence

Mike Pence


engaged 6 Aug 1985

Steve Whitaker


married 5 Sep 1978
divorce circa 1980

Karen Pence
Bio Details

Full name

Karen Sue Pence

Maiden name

Karen Sue Batten

Also known as

Karen Sue Whitaker





Date of birth

Tuesday 18 Nov 1958

Birth place

McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, USA


Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Karen Pence

Karen Sue Pence




Tuesday 18 Nov 1958

Karen Pence Partner(s) Other Children

Karen Pence Children

Michael Pence

born 1992, age 28 (approx.)
with Mike Pence

Charlotte Pence

born 1993, age 27
with Mike Pence

Audrey Pence

born 1995, age 25 (approx.)
with Mike Pence


Karen Pence Family

Karen Pence's parents:

Karen Pence's father was John M Batten Karen Pence's mother is Lillian Barcio Karen Pence's step-father is Bernard Barcio

Karen Pence's children:

Karen Pence's son is Michael Pence Karen Pence's daughter is Charlotte Pence Karen Pence's daughter is Audrey Pence

Karen Pence's current partners:

Karen Pence is the fiance of Mike Pence

Karen Pence's former partners:

Karen Pence's former husband is Steve Whitaker

Karen Pence's grandparents:

Karen Pence's grandfather was Eugene Hacker Karen Pence's grandmother was Pearl Hacker Karen Pence's grandfather is Lavern A Batten Karen Pence's grandmother was Nadine Batten

Karen Pence's great grandparents:

Karen Pence's great grandmother is Nellie Hacker

Karen Pence's in laws:

Karen Pence's daughter in law is Sarah Pence Karen Pence's son in law is Henry Bond

Karen Pence's former in laws:

Karen Pence's former father in law is LeRoy Whitaker