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Partners of 
Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday

Partners of 
Billie Holiday

Louis McKay



John Levy


relationship began about 1948

Joe Guys

Unconfirmed marriage

"marriage" about Jun 1945

James Monroe


Billie Holiday
Bio Details

Full name

Eleanora Fagan

Also known as

Eleanora Holiday

Lady Day

Eleanora Gough





Date of birth

Wednesday 07 Apr 1915

Birth place

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of death:

17 Jul 1959

Place of death

New York City, New York, USA

Cause of death

Heart Failure


Jazz Singer

Created her stage name by combining the Christian name of her favourite actress, Billie Dove, with the surname of her father.
Discovered by Music Producer John Hammond when she was 18 and singing in a Harlem jazz club.  He said of her, "She was the first girl singer I'd come across who actually sang like an improvising jazz genius."  She released her first track in 1933 and released 38 charting singles during her career.
Appeared in the film New Orleans with Louis Armstrong in 1947.
Awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987 almost 30 years after her death.
Never learned how to read music.
Battled with substance and alcohol absue throughout her life.  She was first arrested in 1947 for narcotics possession and spent just over a year in federal prison as a result.  Even at the time of her death she had been placed under arrest while ill in bed for illegal posession of narcotics.
Considered one of the best Jazz singers of all time.  Following her death, more than 3000 people turned out at her funeral.
Famed Jazz Singer
Billie Holiday

Eleanora Fagan




Wednesday 07 Apr 1915


17 Jul 1959


Billie Holiday Family

Billie Holiday's parents:

Billie Holiday's father was Clarence Holiday Billie Holiday's mother was Sadie Holiday Billie Holiday's step-mother is Fanny Lee Holiday

Billie Holiday's former step-parents:

Billie Holiday's former step-mother was Helen Holiday Billie Holiday's former step-father is Philip Gough

Billie Holiday's current partners:

Billie Holiday's husband was Louis McKay Billie Holiday's "husband" was Joe Guys Billie Holiday's husband was James Monroe

Billie Holiday's former partners:

Billie Holiday had a relationship with John Levy

Billie Holiday's grandparents:

Billie Holiday's grandfather was Charlie Fagan Billie Holiday's grandmother is Sussie Harris Billie Holiday's grandfather is Nelson Holiday Billie Holiday's grandmother is Mary Holiday

Billie Holiday's great grandparents:

Billie Holiday's great grandmother was Rebecca Fagan

Billie Holiday's step-grandparents:

Billie Holiday's step-grandfather is James Harris

Billie Holiday's uncles and aunts:

Billie Holiday's aunt was Eva Harris Billie Holiday's uncle-by-marriage is Robert Miller Billie Holiday's uncle was Henry Fagan Billie Holiday's uncle was George Harris Billie Holiday's aunt was Maggie Harris

Billie Holiday's great uncles and aunts:

Billie Holiday's great aunt was Mary Fagan Billie Holiday's great aunt was Annie Fagan Billie Holiday's great aunt was Rebecca Fagan Billie Holiday's great aunt was Rosie Fagan Billie Holiday's great aunt was Marguerite Fagan Billie Holiday's great uncle was John Fagan Billie Holiday's great aunt was Beatrice Fagan

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