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Isabel Peron
Isabel Peron

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Isabel Peron

Juan Peron



Isabel Peron
Bio Details

Full name

Maria Estela Peron

Maiden name

Maria Estela Martinez

Also known as

María Estela Martínez De Perón

María Estela Martínez Cartas





Date of birth

Wednesday 04 Feb 1931

Birth place

La Rioja, Argentina



Personal Assistant (1955)

Vice President of Argentina (1973)

President of Argentina (1974)

Succeeded her husband, Juan Peron, as President of Argentina following his death in 1974 making her the world's first female president.  She remained in office until 1976 when she was seized and placed under house arrest for 5 years by the military on suspicion of corruption.  In 1981 she was convicted of corrupt practice and upon receiving parole fled to Spain.  She was pardoned in 1983.
Historians believe as a leader she was manipulated by her ministers at a time of extreme violence and corruption in Argentina.
In 2007 an Argentine judge issued a warrent for her arrest on suspicion of permitting the military to commit human rights abuses during her presidency.  She was arrested by Spanish police but released a few hours later.  In 2008 a Spanish court ruled that she could not be extradited to face charges in Argentina as the charges 'did not constitute crimes against humanity'. 
The World's First Female President
Isabel Peron

Maria Estela Peron




Wednesday 04 Feb 1931


Isabel Peron Family

Isabel Peron's parents:

Isabel Peron's father is Carmelo Martinez Isabel Peron's mother is María Josefa Cartas Olguín

Isabel Peron's current partners:

Isabel Peron's husband was Juan Peron

Isabel Peron's in laws:

Isabel Peron's father in law was Mario Peron Isabel Peron's mother in law was Juana Peron Isabel Peron's brother in law was Mario Peron