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Partners of 
Paula Deen
Paula Deen

Partners of 
Paula Deen

Relationship History

Michael Groover



Jimmy Deen


2 children together

Professional Partners

Louis Van Amstel

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 14 Sep 2015
until 19 Oct 2015

Paula Deen
Bio Details

Full name

Paula Deen

Maiden name

Paula Hiers




71 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Albany, Georgia, USA



Cookery Book Writer

Paula started her career with 'The Bag Lady' a sandwich delivery service
In August 2013 a lawsuit was dropped against Paula and her brother alleging racial and sexual discrimination. Following this allegation The Food Network did not renew her contract.

Paula Deen Siblings

Bubba Hiers


Celebrity Chef
Paula Deen

Paula Deen


71 (approx.)



Paula Deen Partner(s) Other Children

Paula Deen Children

Jamie Deen

with Jimmy Deen

Bobby Deen

with Jimmy Deen

Anthony Groover

step-child with Michael Groover

Michelle Reed

step-child with Michael Groover


Paula Deen Family

Paula Deen's parents:

Paula Deen's father is Earl Hiers Paula Deen's mother is Corrie Hiers

Paula Deen's children:

Paula Deen's son is Jamie Deen Paula Deen's son is Bobby Deen Paula Deen's step-son is Anthony Groover Paula Deen's step-daughter is Michelle Reed

Paula Deen's current partners:

Paula Deen's husband is Michael Groover Paula Deen's husband is Jimmy Deen

Paula Deen's siblings:

Paula Deen's brother is Bubba Hiers

Paula Deen's nieces and nephews:

Paula Deen's niece is Corrie Hiers Paula Deen's nephew is Jay Hiers

Paula Deen's grandparents:

Paula Deen's grandmother is Irene Paul

Paula Deen's grandchildren:

Paula Deen's grandson is Jack Deen

Paula Deen's in laws:

Paula Deen's daughter in law is Brooke Deen

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