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Preston King
Partner of 
Preston King

Father of Baroness Oona King
Preston King

Preston King

Preston King
Bio Details

Full name

Preston King



Birth place

Georgia, USA



Won a scholarship to study at the LSE. When US authorities wrote to request he complete formalities to receive  a temporary exemption from the draft, he replied he would if they would address him with 'Mr', as they did his white colleagues. They refused and upon his return to the US he was charged with and found guilty of draft evasion.  He jumped bail and fled the US for many decades receiving a presidential pardon in 2000 after the judge in his case confirmed the conviction had been racist.
His brother was Martin Luther King's lawyer.

Partners of 
Preston King

Hazel King


2 children together

divorce circa 1971

Preston King Children

Oona King

born 1967, age 50
with Hazel King

British Politician

Slater King

born 1969, age 49 (approx.)
with Hazel King

Preston King Partner(s) Other Children


Preston King Family

Preston King's children:

Preston King's daughter is Oona King Preston King's son is Slater King

Preston King's former partners:

Preston King's former wife is Hazel King

Preston King's grandchildren:

Preston King's grandson is Tullio Santomarco Preston King's adopted grandson is Elia Santomarco Preston King's adopted granddaughter is Kaia Santomarco Preston King's adopted granddaughter is Ariel Santomarco

Preston King's in laws:

Preston King's son in law is Tiberio Santomarco

Preston King's former in laws:

Preston King's former sister in law is Miriam Stoppard Preston King's former father in law is Sidney Stern Preston King's former mother in law is Jenny Stern