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Partners of 
Helen MacIntyre
Helen MacIntyre

Partners of 
Helen MacIntyre

Baron Cyrille de Gunzburg


relationship began about 2016

Boris Johnson


1 child together

affair from about 2010

William Cash


relationship began after 2009
until circa 2011

Pierre Rolin


relationship began about Aug 2006
until Nov 2009

Helen MacIntyre
Bio Details

Helen MacIntyre Siblings

Enid MacIntyre


Stephanie MacIntyre


Helen MacIntyre

Helen Murdoch MacIntyre




Tuesday 16 Apr 1974

Helen MacIntyre Partner(s) Other Children

Helen MacIntyre Children

Daughter-of-Boris Johnson

born 2009, age 13 (approx.)
with Boris Johnson


Helen MacIntyre Family

Helen MacIntyre's parents:

Helen MacIntyre's father was James MacIntyre Helen MacIntyre's mother is Wilhelmina Waitt Helen MacIntyre's step-father is Kerry Waitt

Helen MacIntyre's children:

Helen MacIntyre's daughter is Daughter-of-Boris Johnson

Helen MacIntyre's current partners:

Helen MacIntyre has a relationship with Baron Cyrille de Gunzburg

Helen MacIntyre's former partners:

Helen MacIntyre had an affair with Boris Johnson Helen MacIntyre had a relationship with William Cash Helen MacIntyre had a relationship with Pierre Rolin

Helen MacIntyre's siblings:

Helen MacIntyre's sister was Enid MacIntyre Helen MacIntyre's sister was Stephanie MacIntyre

Helen MacIntyre's grandparents:

Helen MacIntyre's grandfather is Robert MacIntyre Helen MacIntyre's grandmother was Margaret MacIntyre