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Partners of 
Lady Dale Tyron
Lady Dale Tyron

Partners of 
Lady Dale Tyron

HRH King Charles III

Alleged Affair

1975 (ca.)

Lord Anthony Tyron


4 children together

marriage 1973
estranged from about 1995

Lady Dale Tyron
Bio Details

Full name

Lady Dale Elizabeth Tyron

Maiden name

Dale Elizabeth Harper

Also known as

Lady Kanga Tyron





Date of birth

Saturday 03 Jan 1948

Birth place

Melbourne, Australia

Date of death:

15 Nov 1997

Place of death

King Edward VII's Hospital, London, England, UK

Cause of death



Dress Designer

Magazine Reporter (1967)

Created her own fashion lines and owned a chain of high class boutiques in London, Hong Kong and Dublin.  Her debut line was named after the nickname HRH Prince Charles had given her, Kanga.  
As a child she suffered from spina bifida and for many years paralysis.
While having treatment for addiction to pain killers, she fell from a window and broke her back, becoming paralysed for the rest of her life.

Lady Dale Tyron Siblings

Cherie Harper


Derek Harper


Alleged Former Lover of HRH Prince Charles
Lady Dale Tyron

Lady Dale Elizabeth Tyron




Saturday 03 Jan 1948


15 Nov 1997

Lady Dale Tyron Partner(s) Other Children

Lady Dale Tyron Children

Zoe Tyron

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Lord Anthony Tyron

Charles Tyron

born 1976, age 42 (approx.)
with Lord Anthony Tyron

Godchild of HRH Prince Charles

Victoria Tyron

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
with Lord Anthony Tyron

Edward Tyron

born 1980, age 38 (approx.)
with Lord Anthony Tyron


Lady Dale Tyron Family

Lady Dale Tyron's parents:

Lady Dale Tyron's father is Barry Harper Lady Dale Tyron's mother is Jean Harper

Lady Dale Tyron's children:

Lady Dale Tyron's daughter is Zoe Tyron Lady Dale Tyron's son is Charles Tyron Lady Dale Tyron's daughter is Victoria Tyron Lady Dale Tyron's son is Edward Tyron

Lady Dale Tyron's former partners:

Lady Dale Tyron allegedly had an affair with HRH King Charles III Lady Dale Tyron's former husband is Lord Anthony Tyron

Lady Dale Tyron's siblings:

Lady Dale Tyron's sister is Cherie Harper Lady Dale Tyron's brother is Derek Harper

Lady Dale Tyron's grandchildren:

Lady Dale Tyron's granddaughter is Mila Dale Tyron

Lady Dale Tyron's in laws:

Lady Dale Tyron's daughter in law is Nina Tyron