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Partners of 
Liccy Dahl
Liccy Dahl

Partners of 
Liccy Dahl

Roald Dahl


Dec 1983

Charles Crosland


married 1959
divorce before 1983

Liccy Dahl
Bio Details

Full name

Felicity Ann Dahl

Maiden name

Felicity Ann D'Abreu

Also known as

Felicity Ann Crosland




80 (approx.)

Date of birth




Liccy Dahl

Felicity Ann Dahl


80 (approx.)



Liccy Dahl Partner(s) Other Children

Liccy Dahl Children

Lorina Crosland

born 1963, died 1990, age 26 (approx.)
with Charles Crosland

Olivia Dahl

born 1955, died 1962, age 7
step-child with Roald Dahl

Tessa Dahl

born 1957, age 61
step-child with Roald Dahl

Theo Dahl

born 1960, age 57
step-child with Roald Dahl

Ophelia Dahl

born 1964, age 54
step-child with Roald Dahl

Lucy Dahl

born 1965, age 52
step-child with Roald Dahl


Liccy Dahl Family

Liccy Dahl's children:

Liccy Dahl's step-daughter is Tessa Dahl Liccy Dahl's step-daughter is Ophelia Dahl Liccy Dahl's daughter was Lorina Crosland Liccy Dahl's step-daughter was Olivia Dahl Liccy Dahl's step-son is Theo Dahl Liccy Dahl's step-daughter is Lucy Dahl

Liccy Dahl's current partners:

Liccy Dahl's husband was Roald Dahl

Liccy Dahl's former partners:

Liccy Dahl's former husband was Charles Crosland

Liccy Dahl's in laws:

Liccy Dahl's father in law was Harald Dahl Liccy Dahl's mother in law was Sofie Dahl Liccy Dahl's sister in law is Alfhild Dahl Liccy Dahl's sister in law is Else Dahl Liccy Dahl's sister in law is Asta Dahl Liccy Dahl's half-brother in law is Louis Dahl Liccy Dahl's half-sister in law is Ellen Dahl Liccy Dahl's sister in law was Astri Dahl