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Gertie Legendre
Gertie Legendre

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Gertie Legendre

Sidney Jennings Legendre


2 children together


Gertie Legendre
Bio Details

Full name

Gertrude Ellen DuPuy Legendre

Maiden name

Gertrude Ellen DuPuy Sanford





Date of birth

Friday 28 Mar 1902

Birth place

Aiken, Aiken County, South Carolina, USA

Date of death:

8 Mar 2000

Place of death

Goose Creek, Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

What a woman

During the war, Gertie worked for the OSS - forerunner to the CIA - and spent several months as a German POW.  However, she was an extremely personable individual and befriended some of the guards, helping one to emigrate to the US, and corresponding with another for many years after the war ended.

From hunter to protector

Originally a big game hunter, Gertie toured the world collecting animals and plants for the Smithsonian.  Over the years she came to value the natural world and dedicated her life to conservation.  She was also a great humanitarian, building the Promised Land School for local black children who had no school and supplying a hot lunch each day.

Gertie Legendre Siblings

Laddie Sanford


Sarah Jane Pansa


Conservationist and Philanthropist
Gertie Legendre

Gertrude Ellen DuPuy Legendre




Friday 28 Mar 1902


8 Mar 2000

Gertie Legendre Partner(s) Other Children

Gertie Legendre Children

Bokara Legendre

with Sidney Jennings Legendre

Landine Manigault

with Sidney Jennings Legendre


Gertie Legendre Family

Gertie Legendre's parents:

Gertie Legendre's father was John Sanford Gertie Legendre's mother was Ethel Sanford

Gertie Legendre's children:

Gertie Legendre's daughter is Bokara Legendre Gertie Legendre's daughter is Landine Manigault

Gertie Legendre's current partners:

Gertie Legendre's husband was Sidney Jennings Legendre

Gertie Legendre's siblings:

Gertie Legendre's brother was Laddie Sanford Gertie Legendre's sister was Sarah Jane Pansa

Gertie Legendre's grandparents:

Gertie Legendre's grandfather was General Henry Sanford Gertie Legendre's grandmother was Gertrude Ellen Sanford

Gertie Legendre's great grandparents:

Gertie Legendre's great grandfather was Nehemiah Curtis Sanford Gertie Legendre's great grandmother was Nancy Sanford   Gertie Legendre's great great grandfather was Stephen Sandford Gertie Legendre's great great grandmother was Sarah Sanford

Gertie Legendre's uncles and aunts:

Gertie Legendre's uncle was Henry Shelton Sanford Gertie Legendre's aunt was Gertrude Sanford Gertie Legendre's aunt was Frida Delores Sanford Gertie Legendre's aunt was Helene Dow Gertie Legendre's aunt was Edwynne Sanford