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Partners of 
Tessa Dahl
Tessa Dahl

Partners of 
Tessa Dahl

Patrick Donovan


1993 - 1994

James Kelly


2 children together

1980 - 1988

Julian Holloway


1 child together

relationship began about 1976

David Hemmings


affair from about 1975

Dai Llewellyn


Peter Sellers


Hywel Bennett


Nigel Dempster

Alleged Affair

Tessa Dahl
Bio Details

Full name

Chantal Sophia Dahl





Date of birth

Wednesday 10 Apr 1957

Birth place

Oxfordshire, UK





Roedean School, Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Downe House School, Cold Ash, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Tessa Dahl Siblings

Olivia Dahl


Theo Dahl


Ophelia Dahl


Lucy Dahl


Lorina Crosland


step parent: Liccy Dahl

Tessa Dahl

Chantal Sophia Dahl




Wednesday 10 Apr 1957

Tessa Dahl Partner(s) Other Children

Tessa Dahl Children

Sophie Dahl

born 1977, age 42
with Julian Holloway

Roald Dahl's Granddaughter Model

Clover Kelly

born 1984, age 35
with James Kelly

Luke Kelly

born 1986, age 33
with James Kelly

Ned Donovan

born 1994, age 26
with Patrick Donovan


Tessa Dahl Family

Tessa Dahl's parents:

Tessa Dahl's father was Roald Dahl Tessa Dahl's mother was Patricia Neal Tessa Dahl's step-mother is Liccy Dahl

Tessa Dahl's children:

Tessa Dahl's daughter is Sophie Dahl Tessa Dahl's daughter is Clover Kelly Tessa Dahl's son is Luke Kelly Tessa Dahl's son is Ned Donovan

Tessa Dahl's current partners:

Tessa Dahl had a relationship with Dai Llewellyn Tessa Dahl had an affair with David Hemmings Tessa Dahl had an affair with Hywel Bennett Tessa Dahl allegedly had an affair with Nigel Dempster

Tessa Dahl's former partners:

Tessa Dahl had an affair with Peter Sellers Tessa Dahl had a relationship with Julian Holloway Tessa Dahl's former husband is Patrick Donovan Tessa Dahl's former husband is James Kelly

Tessa Dahl's siblings:

Tessa Dahl's sister is Ophelia Dahl Tessa Dahl's sister was Olivia Dahl Tessa Dahl's brother is Theo Dahl Tessa Dahl's sister is Lucy Dahl Tessa Dahl's step-sister was Lorina Crosland

Tessa Dahl's nieces and nephews:

Tessa Dahl's niece is Phoebe Dahl Tessa Dahl's niece is Alexa Dahl Tessa Dahl's nephew is Luke Dahl-Frantzis Tessa Dahl's niece is Chloe Faircloth

Tessa Dahl's grandparents:

Tessa Dahl's grandfather is William Neal Tessa Dahl's grandmother is Eura Neal Tessa Dahl's grandfather was Harald Dahl Tessa Dahl's grandmother was Sofie Dahl

Tessa Dahl's grandchildren:

Tessa Dahl's granddaughter is Lyra Cullum Tessa Dahl's granddaughter is Margot Cullum

Tessa Dahl's uncles and aunts:

Tessa Dahl's aunt is Alfhild Dahl Tessa Dahl's aunt is Else Dahl Tessa Dahl's aunt is Asta Dahl Tessa Dahl's uncle is Louis Dahl Tessa Dahl's aunt is Ellen Dahl Tessa Dahl's aunt was Astri Dahl

Tessa Dahl's in laws:

Tessa Dahl's son in law is Jamie Cullum Tessa Dahl's daughter in law is Princess Raiyah bint Hussein

Tessa Dahl's former in laws:

Tessa Dahl's former father in law was Francis Donovan Tessa Dahl's former mother in law is Maria Kozslik Donovan Tessa Dahl's former grandfather in law is J F Donovan Tessa Dahl's former grandfather in law is Istvan Kozslik Tessa Dahl's former sister in law is Cristiane Donovan