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Partner of 
Effie Wilson
Effie Wilson

Partners of 
Effie Wilson

John Boyd Wilson


2 children together

1 Jan 1927

Effie Wilson
Bio Details

Full name

Euphemia Carmichael Wilson

Maiden name

Euphemia Carmichael Colquhoun




57 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:

7 Apr 1960

Place of death

Killearn Hospital, Stirling, Scotland, UK

Cause of death

Brain Tumour


Sweet Shop Owner

Effie Wilson

Euphemia Carmichael Wilson


57 (approx.)




7 Apr 1960

Effie Wilson Partner(s) Other Children

Effie Wilson Children

Moira McLaren

born 1930 (ca.), age 88 (ca.)
with John Boyd Wilson

Richard Wilson OBE

born 1936, age 81
with John Boyd Wilson

British stage and TV actor. Known for his role as Victor Meldrew


Effie Wilson Family

Effie Wilson's parents:

Effie Wilson's father is David Colquhoun Effie Wilson's mother is Catherine Colquhoun

Effie Wilson's children:

Effie Wilson's son is Richard Wilson OBE Effie Wilson's daughter is Moira McLaren

Effie Wilson's current partners:

Effie Wilson's husband was John Boyd Wilson

Effie Wilson's grandchildren:

Effie Wilson's grandson is Kenneth McLaren Effie Wilson's grandson is Ian McLaren

Effie Wilson's in laws:

Effie Wilson's father in law was Robert John Wilson Effie Wilson's mother in law was Mary Wilson Effie Wilson's grandfather in law is Hugh Wilson Effie Wilson's grandmother in law is Jane Wilson Effie Wilson's grandfather in law is Robert W McLachlan Effie Wilson's grandmother in law is Jane Muir McLashlan Effie Wilson's son in law is Jimmy McLaren