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Spiros Poros
Partners of 
Spiros Poros

Spiros Poros

Spiros Poros

Spiros Poros
Bio Details

Full name

Spiros Poros





Partners of 
Spiros Poros

Kylie Bax


3 children together

married 2005
divorce Jun 2014



1 child together

Ended 2004 (bef.)

Spiros Poros Children

Aris Poros

born 2003, age 15 (approx.)
with Unknown

Lito Poros

born 2004, age 14 (approx.)
with Kylie Bax

Dione Poros

born 2007, age 10 (approx.)
with Kylie Bax

Danae Porps

born 2011, age 6 (approx.)
with Kylie Bax

Spiros Poros Partner(s) Other Children


Spiros Poros Family

Spiros Poros's children:

Spiros Poros's son is Aris Poros Spiros Poros's daughter is Lito Poros Spiros Poros's daughter is Dione Poros Spiros Poros's daughter is Danae Porps

Spiros Poros's former partners:

Spiros Poros's former wife is Kylie Bax

Spiros Poros's former in laws:

Spiros Poros's former father in law is Graham Bax Spiros Poros's former mother in law is Helen-Gaye Bax Spiros Poros's former sister in law is Taryn Welch