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Izzy Judd
Izzy Judd

Partners of 
Izzy Judd

Harry Judd


2 children together

21 Dec 2012

Izzy Judd
Bio Details

Member of Escala from Britain's Got Talent 2008
Izzy Judd

Izzy Judd

Izzy Judd Partner(s) Other Children

Izzy Judd Children

Lola Judd

born 2016, age 2
with Harry Judd

Kit Judd

born 2017, age 9 months
with Harry Judd


Izzy Judd Family

Izzy Judd's children:

Izzy Judd's daughter is Lola Judd Izzy Judd's son is Kit Judd

Izzy Judd's current partners:

Izzy Judd's husband is Harry Judd

Izzy Judd's in laws:

Izzy Judd's father in law is Chris Judd Izzy Judd's mother in law is Emma Judd Izzy Judd's step-father in law is Timothy Ellis Izzy Judd's grandfather in law was John Judd Izzy Judd's grandmother in law is Sarah Ellis Izzy Judd's grandfather in law is Paul Williams Izzy Judd's husband Harry Judd's aunt in law is Isabella Judd

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2005 (ca.) - 2011

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Britain's Got Talent - 2008 - Series 2

Finished 2008

Other people in this association:

Chantal Abel Finished 2008

Tasya Hodges Finished 2008

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