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Alter Melcher
Partner of 
Alter Melcher

Alter Melcher

Joseph Alter Melcher


28 Jul 1953

Alter Melcher
Bio Details

Full name

Joseph Alter Melcher



Birth place


Date of death:

28 Jul 1953

Place of death

At his homein Holden Street, North Adams, Massachusetts, USA


Cattle Dealer

Partners of 
Alter Melcher

Minnie Melcher


7 children together


Alter Melcher Children

Harry Melcher

with Minnie Melcher

Jack Melcher

died 2007
with Minnie Melcher

Harmon Melcher

with Minnie Melcher

Beri Hollander

with Minnie Melcher

Philip Melcher

with Minnie Melcher

Marty Melcher

born 1915, died 1968, age 52
with Minnie Melcher

Samuel Melcher

born 1917, died 2007, age 90
with Minnie Melcher

Alter Melcher Partner(s) Other Children


Alter Melcher Family

Alter Melcher's children:

Alter Melcher's son was Marty Melcher Alter Melcher's son is Harry Melcher Alter Melcher's son was Jack Melcher Alter Melcher's son is Harmon Melcher Alter Melcher's daughter is Beri Hollander Alter Melcher's son is Philip Melcher Alter Melcher's son was Samuel Melcher

Alter Melcher's current partners:

Alter Melcher's wife was Minnie Melcher

Alter Melcher's in laws:

Alter Melcher's daughter in law was Doris Day Alter Melcher's father in law is Chaim Gabriner Alter Melcher's mother in law is Shifra Saragevitehl Alter Melcher's son in law is Mark Hollander Alter Melcher's daughter in law is Rita Melcher

Alter Melcher's former in laws:

Alter Melcher's former daughter in law was Patti Andrews