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Alfred Weidler
Partner of 
Alfred Weidler

Alfred Weidler

Alfred Wilhelm Carl Weidler




Thursday 27 May 1886


16 Jun 1966

Alfred Weidler
Bio Details

Full name

Alfred Wilhelm Carl Weidler





Date of birth

Thursday 27 May 1886

Birth place


Date of death:

16 Jun 1966

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA


Model Maker


Partners of 
Alfred Weidler

Margaret Weidler


6 children together


Alfred Weidler Children

Sylvia Weidler

born 1920, age 99 (approx.)
with Margaret Weidler

Renee Wild

born 1921, age 98 (approx.)
with Margaret Weidler

Warner Weidler

born 1922, died 2010, age 88
with Margaret Weidler

Walter Weidler

born 1923, died 2002, age 79
with Margaret Weidler

George Weidler

born 1926, died 1989, age 63
with Margaret Weidler

Virginia Weidler

born 1927, died 1968, age 41
with Margaret Weidler

Hollywood child actress

Alfred Weidler Partner(s) Other Children


Alfred Weidler Family

Alfred Weidler's children:

Alfred Weidler's daughter is Sylvia Weidler Alfred Weidler's daughter is Renee Wild Alfred Weidler's son was Warner Weidler Alfred Weidler's son was Walter Weidler Alfred Weidler's son was George Weidler Alfred Weidler's daughter was Virginia Weidler

Alfred Weidler's current partners:

Alfred Weidler's wife was Margaret Weidler

Alfred Weidler's grandchildren:

Alfred Weidler's grandson is Ronald Krisel Alfred Weidler's grandson is Gary Krisel

Alfred Weidler's in laws:

Alfred Weidler's daughter in law is Barbara Weidler Alfred Weidler's son in law is Lionel Krisel

Alfred Weidler's former in laws:

Alfred Weidler's former daughter in law was Doris Day Alfred Weidler's former daughter in law is Maureen Weidler Alfred Weidler's former daughter in law is Donna Mae Weidler