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Partners of 
Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger

Partners of 
Bianca Jagger

Robert Torricelli


dated from 1993
until about 1996

David Bowie

Alleged Affair

1973 (ca.)

Sir Mick Jagger


1 child together

married 12 May 1971
divorce 23 Dec 1979

Julio Iglesias

Alleged Romance

Ron Duguay


Ryan O'Neal

Alleged Affair

Bianca Jagger
Bio Details

Full name

Blanca Teresa Jagger

Maiden name

Blanca Teresa Perez Mora De Macias





Date of birth

Wednesday 02 May 1945

Birth place

Managua, Nicaragua


Human Rights Campaigner



Paris Institute of Political Studies, Paris, France

President of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation

Bianca Jagger Siblings

Carlos Jose Mora


Indiana Mora


Ex Wife of Mick Jagger
Bianca Jagger

Blanca Teresa Jagger




Wednesday 02 May 1945

Bianca Jagger Partner(s) Other Children

Bianca Jagger Children

Jade Jagger

born 1971, age 47
with Sir Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger's Daughter


Bianca Jagger Family

Bianca Jagger's parents:

Bianca Jagger's father was Carlos Perez-Mora Bianca Jagger's mother was Dora Macias Somarriba

Bianca Jagger's children:

Bianca Jagger's daughter is Jade Jagger

Bianca Jagger's former partners:

Bianca Jagger's former husband is Sir Mick Jagger Bianca Jagger allegedly had an affair with David Bowie Bianca Jagger allegedly had a romance with Julio Iglesias Bianca Jagger allegedly had an affair with Ryan O'Neal Bianca Jagger dated Robert Torricelli Bianca Jagger dated Peter Whitehead Bianca Jagger dated Ron Duguay

Bianca Jagger's siblings:

Bianca Jagger's brother was Carlos Jose Mora Bianca Jagger's sister is Indiana Mora

Bianca Jagger's grandchildren:

Bianca Jagger's granddaughter is Assisi Jackson Bianca Jagger's granddaughter is Amba Jackson Bianca Jagger's grandson is Ray Fillary

Bianca Jagger's great grandchildren:

Bianca Jagger's great granddaughter is Ezra Key

Bianca Jagger's in laws:

Bianca Jagger's son in law is Adrian Fillary

Bianca Jagger's former in laws:

Bianca Jagger's former brother in law is Chris Jagger Bianca Jagger's former father in law was Joe Jagger Bianca Jagger's former mother in law was Eva Jagger Bianca Jagger's former grandfather in law is David Jagger Bianca Jagger's former grandmother in law is Harriett Jagger Bianca Jagger's former grandfather in law was Alfred Scutts Bianca Jagger's former grandmother in law was Gertrude Scutts

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