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Billy McMahon
Partner of 
Billy McMahon

Former Australian Prime Minister
Billy McMahon

Sir William McMahon




Sunday 23 Feb 1908


31 Mar 1988

Billy McMahon
Bio Details

Full name

Sir William McMahon





Date of birth

Sunday 23 Feb 1908

Birth place

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Date of death:

31 Mar 1988

Place of death

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



Australian Prime Minister (1971 - 1972)


Sydney University, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Grammar School, Sydney, New South Wales,, Australia

Partners of 
Billy McMahon

Sonia McMahon


3 children together

11 Dec 1965

Billy McMahon Children

Melinda McMahon

born 1966, age 51
with Sonia McMahon

Julian McMahon

born 1968, age 49
with Sonia McMahon

Austalian Nip/Tuck Star Son of former Australian Prime Minister William McMahon

Debbie McMahon

born 1972, age 45 (approx.)
with Sonia McMahon

Billy McMahon Partner(s) Other Children


Billy McMahon Family

Billy McMahon's parents:

Billy McMahon's father was William McMahon Billy McMahon's mother was Mary McMahon

Billy McMahon's children:

Billy McMahon's son is Julian McMahon Billy McMahon's daughter is Melinda McMahon Billy McMahon's daughter is Debbie McMahon

Billy McMahon's current partners:

Billy McMahon's wife was Sonia McMahon

Billy McMahon's grandparents:

Billy McMahon's grandfather is Samuel Walder Billy McMahon's grandmother is Mary Walder

Billy McMahon's grandchildren:

Billy McMahon's granddaughter is Madison McMahon

Billy McMahon's uncles and aunts:

Billy McMahon's uncle was Samuel Walder

Billy McMahon's in laws:

Billy McMahon's father in law is William Hopkins Billy McMahon's mother in law is Rachel Hopkins Billy McMahon's daughter in law is Kelly Paniagua

Billy McMahon's former in laws:

Billy McMahon's former daughter in law is Dannii Minogue Billy McMahon's former daughter in law is Brooke Burns

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