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Neil Armstrong
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Neil Armstrong

First Man on the Moon
Neil Armstrong

Neil Alden Armstrong




Tuesday 05 Aug 1930


25 Aug 2012

Neil Armstrong
Bio Details

Full name

Neil Alden Armstrong





Date of birth

Tuesday 05 Aug 1930

Birth place

Wapakoneta, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

25 Aug 2012

Place of death

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Cause of death

Complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures



US Navy Pilot (1949)

Astronaut (1962)

Professor of Aerospace Engineering (1971)


Blume High School, Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States

Purdue University, Indiana, United States (1947)

Neil began flying lessons age fourteen and had a pilot's licence age sixteen.

Apollo 11

Neil and Buzz Aldrin became the first to step foot on the moon while Michael Collins piloted the spacecraft 'Columbia'. Entering into a smaller craft, the 'Eagle' landing on the moon on 20th July 1969 reporting that 'the Eagle has landed'. On the 21st July 1969, Neil stepped out onto the moon stating, 'One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.'

Neil Armstrong Siblings

June Hoffman


Dean Armstrong


Partners of 
Neil Armstrong

Carol Held Armstrong


12 Jun 1994

Janet Shearon Armstrong


3 children together

married 28 Jan 1956
divorce 1994

Neil Armstrong Children

Rick Armstrong

born 1957, age 61
with Janet Shearon Armstrong

Karen Armstrong

born 1959, died 1962, age 2
with Janet Shearon Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

born 1963, age 55
with Janet Shearon Armstrong

Molly Knight

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
step-child with Carol Held Armstrong

Andy Knight

born 1975, age 43 (approx.)
step-child with Carol Held Armstrong

Neil Armstrong Partner(s) Other Children


Neil Armstrong Family

Neil Armstrong's parents:

Neil Armstrong's father was Stephen Armstrong Neil Armstrong's mother was Viola Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's children:

Neil Armstrong's son is Rick Armstrong Neil Armstrong's daughter was Karen Armstrong Neil Armstrong's son is Mark Armstrong Neil Armstrong's step-daughter is Molly Knight Neil Armstrong's step-son is Andy Knight

Neil Armstrong's current partners:

Neil Armstrong's wife was Carol Held Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's former partners:

Neil Armstrong's former wife was Janet Shearon Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's siblings:

Neil Armstrong's sister is June Hoffman Neil Armstrong's brother is Dean Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's grandparents:

Neil Armstrong's grandfather was Martin Engel Neil Armstrong's grandmother was Carolyn Korspeter Neil Armstrong's grandfather was Willis Armstrong Neil Armstrong's grandmother was Laura Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's step-grandparents:

Neil Armstrong's step-grandmother was Lillian Armstrong Neil Armstrong's step-grandfather was William Korspeter

Neil Armstrong's uncles and aunts:

Neil Armstrong's aunt was Muriel Armstrong Neil Armstrong's aunt was Bernice Armstrong Neil Armstrong's uncle was Guy Armstrong Neil Armstrong's uncle was Ray Armstrong Neil Armstrong's aunt was Grace Armstrong Neil Armstrong's aunt is Mary Barbara Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's in laws:

Neil Armstrong's father in law is Victor Held Neil Armstrong's mother in law is Rosario Cota Neil Armstrong's daughter in law is Wendy Armstrong

Neil Armstrong's former in laws:

Neil Armstrong's former father in law was Dr Clarence Shearon Neil Armstrong's former mother in law was Louise Shearon Neil Armstrong's former grandfather in law is Will Shearon Neil Armstrong's former grandfather in law was Charles H Heppner Neil Armstrong's former grandmother in law was Louisa C Heppner Neil Armstrong's former sister in law was Nancy Theissen Neil Armstrong's former sister in law is Carolyn Trude Neil Armstrong's former wife Janet Shearon Armstrong's uncle in law is Kenneth Shearon

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