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Partners of 
Margaret Wise Brown
Margaret Wise Brown

Partners of 
Margaret Wise Brown

Pebble Rockefeller


engaged Apr 1952

Blanche Barrymore


relationship began 1940
until 1950

Preston Schoyer

Brief Fling

Margaret Wise Brown
Bio Details

Full name

Margaret Wise Brown

Also known as

Timothy Hay

Golden MacDonald

Juniper Sage

Kaintucky Brown





Date of birth

Monday 23 May 1910

Birth place

Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Date of death:

13 Nov 1952

Place of death

Nice, France

Cause of death

embolism following surgery for appendicitis


Children's Author

Editor (1938 - 1941)


Hollins University,Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States (1926)

An Unfortunate Ending

While holidaying in Nice with her fiancé, Brown was taken ill with appendicitis and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.  After a couple of weeks of recuperation she was due to be discharged.  By all accounts she did some can-can kicks in a jaunty gesture of celebration of her impending release, which dislodged a blood clot, killing her almost instantly.

Margaret Wise Brown Siblings

Benjamin Gratz Brown Jr.


Roberta Brown


American author of children's book including 'Goodnight Moon' & 'The Runaway Bunny'
Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown




Monday 23 May 1910


13 Nov 1952


Margaret Wise Brown Family

Margaret Wise Brown's parents:

Margaret Wise Brown's father was Robert Bruce Brown Margaret Wise Brown's mother was Maude Margaret Brown

Margaret Wise Brown's current partners:

Margaret Wise Brown was the fiance of Pebble Rockefeller

Margaret Wise Brown's former partners:

Margaret Wise Brown had a relationship with Blanche Barrymore Margaret Wise Brown had an affair with William Gaston Margaret Wise Brown had a brief fling with Preston Schoyer

Margaret Wise Brown's siblings:

Margaret Wise Brown's brother is Benjamin Gratz Brown Jr. Margaret Wise Brown's sister was Roberta Brown

Margaret Wise Brown's grandparents:

Margaret Wise Brown's grandfather was Benjamin Gratz Brown Margaret Wise Brown's grandmother was Mary C. Brown