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Partners of 
Della Monroe
Della Monroe

Partners of 
Della Monroe

Charles Grainger


1926 (bef.)

Lyle Graves


married 7 Mar 1912
divorce 17 Jan 1914

Otis Monroe


2 children together

marriage 1899

Della Monroe
Bio Details

Full name

Della Mae Monroe

Maiden name

Della Mae Hogan

Also known as

Della Mae Graves

Della Mae Grainger





Date of birth

Saturday 01 Jul 1876

Birth place

Brunswick County, Missouri, USA

Date of death:

23 Aug 1927

Place of death

Norwalk State Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death


Della Monroe

Della Mae Monroe




Saturday 01 Jul 1876


23 Aug 1927

Della Monroe Partner(s) Other Children

Della Monroe Children

Gladys Baker

born 1902, died 1984, age 81
with Otis Monroe

Marion Monroe

born 1905, age 110 (presumed dead)
with Otis Monroe


Della Monroe Family

Della Monroe's parents:

Della Monroe's father is Tilford Hogan Della Monroe's mother is Jennie Nance

Della Monroe's children:

Della Monroe's daughter was Gladys Baker Della Monroe's son was Marion Monroe

Della Monroe's current partners:

Della Monroe's husband was Charles Grainger Della Monroe's husband was Otis Monroe

Della Monroe's former partners:

Della Monroe's former husband was Lyle Graves

Della Monroe's grandchildren:

Della Monroe's granddaughter was Marilyn Monroe Della Monroe's grandson was Jackie Baker Della Monroe's granddaughter is Berniece Baker Miracle

Della Monroe's great grandchildren:

Della Monroe's great granddaughter is Mona Rae Miracle

Della Monroe's in laws:

Della Monroe's son in law was John Eley

Della Monroe's former in laws:

Della Monroe's former son in law was Martin Mortensen Della Monroe's former son in law was Jasper Baker